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Visitor & employee management for

consumer goods & retail

SwipedOn is used in the consumer goods and retail industry in the United States, and across the world, to easily monitor visitors and employees entering and exiting the building. Additionally, SwipedOn helps businesses comply with privacy legislation and health & safety regulations. Below, you’ll find case studies from actual SwipedOn customers across the globe, in the consumer goods and retail industry, actively using our iPad app on a daily basis to automate their employee and visitor management processes.

Fujitsu General, Australia


Fujitsu General is a globally recognised brand which produces and sells commercial and residential air conditioning units. With 160 employees and a stream of visitors and contractors coming and going, Fujitsu General's facility in Sydney, Australia required an easy-to-use attendance register for the office that could be used by both employees and visitors alike. We spoke to their People and Culture Advisor Darrin, to get the lowdown on how SwipedOn has transformed Fujitsu General’s front desk operation.

Why is SwipedOn the right fit for your consumer goods & retail facility?

Visitor Screening
Screen all visitors entering your premises with a simple yes/no question. This can trigger an alert to a specified contact like your health & safety manager.
ID badge printing
Easily identify visitors in the building by their visitor badge.
Data privacy and GDPR compliant
All visitor data is securely stored and the SwipedOn system is fully GDPR and data privacy compliant.
Contact Tracing
SwipedOn time-stamps every visitor and employee in and out. Discover easily who was on the premises should you require to carry our contact tracing.
Visitor sign in
Easily track additional people who are entering the facility.
User friendly
With a range of people using the system - from visitors to staff and contractors, it’s a user-friendly set up, simple and easy to use for anyone.


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