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Be audit ready with detailed digital records of everyone who has been on your premises

Access accurate records from a single database. SwipedOn enables you to reduce human error and protect the personal information of your visitors & employees.

As an international company working with businesses from a wide range of industries, we are well-equipped to offer the support you need to comply with the following list of common compliance standards.
  • ITAR
  • C-TPAT
  • CCPA
  • FSMA
  • GMP
  • GDPR
  • APA
  • NZPA
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Keep your data secure with an ISO- and SOC 2-certified sign-in system

Experience peace of mind with our robust security and compliance software. All data is handled in accordance with international compliance protocols, safeguarding it from unauthorized access.

SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, SSL, cloud-based technology, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and other industry-leading processes keep your data safe.


Security and compliance software with benefits

Customizable sign in questions
The PII (personally identifiable information) required to enter your business is customizable. It can include name, organization, email address, phone number, photo, identification type, and more.
Manual or automatic data anonymization
Administrators can anonymize data to ensure you aren't storing PII for any longer than you should be.
Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to make sure you’re the only person who can access your SwipedOn account.

Approve or deny entry
Ask screening questions of every visitor and/or employee before approving or denying entry onto your premises.
Ensure visitors agree to your policies
Ensure anyone signing in gives explicit consent for their information to only be used by your visitor management app and confirm that it will only be processed in accordance with the highest safety and security standards.
Capture visitors digital signature
Capture every visitor’s digital signature on any type of legal document that you wish them to comply with, whilst visiting your business.
Easily track and export visitor data
Retain historical records of all entries and exits from facilities, so that audit records are easily available and can be exported in a timely manner.
Badges for identification and authorization
Print custom visitor badges with photos for fast identification and authorization.

The protection and security of your data is our most important responsibility

Third-party certifications

Our SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications mean you can be confident our technology and processes are robust and follow internationally-recognized standards, measured and audited by third-party professionals to ensure we’re following best practices.

More on third-party certifications

Our product security

Our Cloud-based platform is engineered for redundancy and availability, allowing it to be used in offline mode. User accounts and passwords are securely managed by AWS Cognito.

More on product security

Our network and application security

As a Cloud service, we don't host any servers ourselves, this is outsourced to AWS. Our web application is only accessed via HTTPS, the framework of which is protected with SSL certification.

More on network & application security

Frequently asked questions

Visitor management systems provide an added layer of security and compliance when it comes to data privacy regulations. By tracking visitors, you can ensure that only authorized personnel are entering your premises and that all visitors comply with data privacy protocols. Additionally, visitor management systems allow you to collect and store personal data safely, in accordance with data privacy regulations.

Visitor management systems typically include a variety of security measures to ensure that all visitor data is kept secure.  You should look for a system that is regularly updated and audited by third parties to ensure that all data is secure.

Visitor management systems can collect a variety of data, including name, contact information, photo ID, signature, and other relevant information. By collecting this data, you can ensure that all visitors comply with data privacy protocols and that all personal data is stored securely.

Yes. All data is securely stored in the cloud meaning that visitor information remains private. For more information on how to ensure you’re compliant with GDPR, you can refer to our page on GDPR-Compliance.

Your data is securely encrypted, both ‘in transit’ to AWS servers, and ‘at rest’ on those servers. Your data always belongs to you, and you are free to request removal of your data from these servers at any time.

Your data is securely encrypted, both ‘in transit’ to AWS servers, and ‘at rest’ on those servers. Your data always belongs to you, and you are free to request removal of your data from these servers at any time.

Absolutely. Visitor and employee records can easily be anonymized manually or automatically after a set amount of time via the web dashboard.

Anonymizing individual personal records ensures that you retain data about visits taking place, but the personal information of those people involved in those visits can be completely removed.

This will depend on privacy laws in your region. We recommend customers familiarize themselves with their local laws to ensure they remain compliant.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication tool that adds another layer of security when signing in. When MFA is enabled, in order to access the web dashboard you will need to enter your email and password as usual, and then provide a second form of verification. Find out more about it here.

Yes - SwipedOn’s security and compliance software not only meets GDPR standards, but it can be tailored for many others, such as ITAR, C-TPAT, CCPA, FSMA, GMP, APA, and NZPA.

Many security and protection processes are at work behind the scenes when you use our platform. Third-party certifications, including SOC 2 and ISO, plus AWS Cognito and SSL certification to manage accounts and passwords, ensure that your data is secure.

Our security and compliance management system is very reliable, with many safeguards in place. The platform is engineered for availability, and data is queued and transferred in the event of a server outage.


Trusted by leading global companies to help meet their compliance needs

“SwipedOn has automated our entire visitor management process. The solution has significantly enhanced site security, improved data privacy and helped ensure we maintain regulatory compliance.”

- Penny from Voortman bakery -
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