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SwipedOn is used in manufacturing facilities across the United States and the world to manage and track visitors entering and exiting the building. This smart yet simple visitor management system is easy to use, and superior to the paper visitor book, offering the ability to automate many processes in one solution. Below, you’ll find case studies from real SwipedOn customers in the manufacturing industry, located across the globe, who have improved their visitor management process by replacing their paper logbook with a modern visitor sign in solution.
Abipa Canada, North America

Based in Canada, Abipa specialises in manufacturing aeronautical parts. With 150 employees, it’s a medium size business and, prior to introducing a visitor management system, encountered a number of challenges including the need for remote access for employees, ensuring compliance with the privacy regulations and an overall desire to go paperless for environmental purposes. These reasons really drove the need to research an alternative front desk solution for managing visitors and employees.


Why is SwipedOn the right fit for your manufacturing facility?

Visitor Screening
Screen all visitors entering your premises with a simple yes no question. This can trigger an alert to the host or another specified contact like your health & safety manager.
Contact Tracing
SwipedOn time-stamps every visitor and employee in and out. Discover easily who was on the premises should you require to carry our contact tracing.
ID badge printing
Easily identify visitors in the building by their visitor badge.
Visitor sign in
Easily track additional people who are entering the facility.
Data privacy and GDPR compliant
All visitor data is securely stored and the SwipedOn system is fully GDPR and data privacy compliant.
User friendly
With a range of people using the system - from visitors to staff and contractors, it’s a user-friendly set up, simple and easy to use for anyone.

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