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Customizable contractor management software to fit your business needs

Location verified check in via QR code

The cost-effective solution for locations where a tablet is impractical. Contractors just need their phones to use QR code check in, no extra software required.

Reduce risk with sign in and sign out notifications

Add an extra layer of protection and peace of mind with the ability to set approvals and alerts when contractors arrive and leave your premises.

Capture and store the documents you need

Request proof of PPE, industry-specific certifications and any other documents ready to download when you need them.

Easily identify contractors

Take verification photos and print custom ID badges for on-site authorization.

Automate the induction process

Have contractors view and digitally sign NDA's, fire safety information and health & safety forms before they step on site.

Streamline sign in with preregistration

Preregister contractor details for a fast-tracked sign in experience.

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Automate your workplace inductions

  • Customizable contractor inductions that can be completed ahead of time, ensuring visitors are informed and prepared
  • Ensure contractors understand specific processes, hazards, and risks with customizable video or PDF documents
  • Mobile-optimized content means inductions are easily completed on-the-go

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Contractor management software

Account for everyone in the event of an emergency

The SwipedOn system gives you an up-to-date record of who is where at all times. Cloud-based technology means you can conduct roll-calls from anywhere and update information in real time, ensuring eveyone is accounted for and has been evacuated safely.

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We take data privacy and compliance as seriously as you do

Capture and store contractor records with minimal fuss but maximum security, so you can get on with business. Accurate, digital records stored at your fingertips until you need them.

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Contractor tracking software helps you ditch the manual paperwork and increase productivity

Customizable features and easy-to-implement tools help free up front desk staff, automate visitor and contractor check-ins, and securely store data.

Easy-to-use dashboard and reporting for the ultimate visibility

Looking for a simple way to see contractor activity on any device? Keep tabs on all movements in our contractor management app's intuitive dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Contractor management software helps businesses manage relationships with contractors. It can help manage contractor risk and improve overall safety and compliance.

Contractor tracking software helps reduce workplace risks, easily verify and identify contractors, streamline sign-ins, automate the induction process, and securely store data.

Contractor management tools are helping a range of industries daily, including tourism, coworking, construction, manufacturing, energy, education, and healthcare.

With the SwipedOn Inductions AddOn,  you can preregister contractors and send them a link/QR code to the induction and instruct them to complete this before they arrive. Upon completion, records are securely stored for future reference. Visitors who have already completed their induction will skip this part of the sign in flow, and anyone who hasn’t will be required to do so before entering your premises.

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“SwipedOn gave us the ability to automate the induction process, present visitors with the required legal documents, and easily identify them once on-site”

- Tony from gategroup - 

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