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Complete health and safety visibility for your workplace

Streamline operations with health and safety management software
Increase productivity and free up front desk staff with automated visitor and employee sign-in. Proactively capture the details you may need in an emergency.

Account for all visitors
Workplace safety software offers control over all entry points and areas, enabling configuration of approvals, visitor host prerequisites, and notifications.

Easily identify all site visitors
Use the health and safety app to capture verification photos and print identification badges as part of the sign-in flow for visitors and contractors.

This is not a drill. Account for everyone in the event of an emergency

Accurate information when you need it, wherever you need it.

Managing visitor, contractor and employee sign in with SwipedOn gives you an accurate record of everyone's whereabouts when you need it most.

Our cloud-based technology means you can grab your iPad or tablet on the go, or log on to the SwipedOn web dashboard from your mobile device to easily conduct roll calls and mark people as safe. See visitor host information and employee contact details in case you need to contact them.

Customize your welcome to ensure health and safety compliance
Screening questions
Screen all visitors, staff, and other visitor types with questions to help determine if they are safe to enter the building.
Agreements and signatures
Communicate and require acknowledgment of your evacuation plan, safety standards, and protocols with the option to also capture digital signatures.
Approve or deny entry
Reject or approve visitors for entry, based on the information provided during sign in.
Photos and badges
Take photos and print custom ID-badges for on site authorization.
Provide contactless sign in
QR codes speed up the sign in process and minimize the risk of cross-contamination, helping ensure your workforce and facilities are protected.
Offer seamless site inductions
Ensure visitors are fully informed and prepared for their visit with custom inductions to your workplace.

Workplace health & safety features

Know where people are during an emergency

Easily ensure everyone is accounted for, whether remote or on-site, while simplifying emergency protocols and procedures. Ensure the health and safety of your employees using our workplace safety software.

Prepare for evacuations and roll calls

With evacuation mode, available on both iOS and Android devices, you can easily perform roll calls, mark staff and visitors safe, and determine if anyone is unaccounted for. The health and safety emergency function is even available offline.

Stay vigilant with employee data and time stamps

The SwipedOn system provides enhanced health and safety security with verified on-site sign-in and accurate employee activity time stamping

Provide a safer workplace environment for your team

Workplace health and safety is simplified using our sign-in system. Ensure people are accounted for during an emergency, approve or deny entry and monitor access.

You’re in good company
“Perfect move from manual visitor book to a GDPR compliant tablet system”

- Stephen E. From Erodex -

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Trusted by leading global companies to help meet their health and safety needs
“We now have the ability to easily ensure that all visitors are accounted for and have been evacuated safely during fire drills”

- Matthew from XPO Logistics -
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Frequently asked questions

Having health and safety management software in place helps to quickly identify who is authorized to be onsite, helping to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises. Furthermore, a visitor management system offers a secure and user-friendly method for checking employees and visitors in and out of a facility, contributing to a safe and protected environment for all.

Visitor management systems can be invaluable during an emergency evacuation situation. By having a real-time record of who is onsite, organizations can quickly and efficiently account for all personnel and visitors, ensuring the safety of everyone.

Evacuation Mode is designed to be an aid in emergencies and to help you identify the whereabouts of visitors and employees. The app is designed to be 'grab-and-go' so it can be used at outdoor muster or assembly points. 

Visitors and employees can then be accounted for and marked safe by way of a roll call. The app is designed to work in an 'Offline Mode', essentially taking a snapshot of all individuals who are 'In' at the time of losing Wi-Fi connectivity.

• Visitors and employees are not signed out once marked as safe. 
• Host information is shown for visitors
• You can search employees by custom profile field (department, floor level etc)
• Instantly hide anyone who has been located as safe

See a full overview of how the feature works here.

With SwipedOn, employees who are signed in remotely show in a dedicated 'remote' tab.

This makes it simple in an emergency evacuation to only be calling people who are physically on your premises. 

Yes, you can log into the SwipedOn web dashboard from any device, including your mobile phone and conduct emergency roll calls from here. 


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