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SwipedOn is used in coworking spaces throughout the United States, and the world, to easily manage residents and track visitors entering and exiting the workplace. The automation of reception desk processes enables coworking spaces to comply with data privacy legislation, facilitate independent sign-in and sign-out, and easily manage emergency evacuations. Below, you’ll find case studies from SwipedOn customers in the coworking industry who use the visitor management solution to welcome residents and visitors into their space.

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Rewired is a coworking space that brings together New Zealand’s best and brightest tech businesses. With 75 members, they are using the SwipedOn business plan. We caught up with Louis, the community manager at Rewired, to find out more about their Visitor Management needs and how SwipedOn has helped on their journey.

Why is SwipedOn the right fit for your coworking space?

Visitor Screening
Screen all visitors entering your premises with a simple yes no question. This can trigger an alert to the host or another specified contact like your health & safety manager.
ID badge printing
Easily identify visitors in the building by their visitor badge.
Data privacy and GDPR compliant
All visitor data is securely stored and the SwipedOn system is fully GDPR and data privacy compliant.
Contact Tracing
SwipedOn time-stamps every visitor and employee in and out. Discover easily who was on the premises should you require to carry our contact tracing.
Visitor sign in
Easily track additional people who are entering the facility.
User friendly
With a range of people using the system - from visitors to residents and contractors, it’s a user-friendly set up, simple and easy to use for anyone.


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