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Get the the most out of your space with simple desk booking


Simplify hybrid working

Give your team the tools they need to plan ahead by booking a desk in advance, or on the fly when they come in to the office

Interactive maps

See real-time desk availability and who's booked nearby using interactive floor plan maps


Bring your team together

Boost collaboration and improve employee well-being with the ability to restrict desks by department

Find exactly what you need

Assign features to desks so that employees can filter, find and book what best fits their needs

Easy ad-hoc booking

See a free desk? Scan the QR code to book an available desk on an ad-hoc basis


Flexible and intuitive design

The intuitive interface makes supporting any workplace setup easy 

Available on all SwipedOn plans


Find and book the perfect desk with the SwipedOn Pocket app

  • Give employees the tools to plan their week in advance and ensure they have what they need to work most effectively
  • Let them know via push notifications if a booking has been created or changed on their behalf by an admin
  • View desk recommendations based on department type, ensuring team members can work next to each other

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All SwipedOn plans include resources to get you started.

Add more for  each / month

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Manage more with SwipedOn

Got shared resources? SwipedOn helps you make them bookable

  • Manage and book almost anything in your workplace from car parks and vehicles to lockers and EV chargers
  • Streamline the booking experience for employees and save time for admin staff
  • Enjoy full visibility over your workplace and  resource usage to help inform future planning and allocation

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Frequently asked questions

Nope! You can make any resource at your workplace bookable with SwipedOn. We have four pre-set categories; Desks, Equipment, Car Parks and Vehicles or you can add your own custom categories, which means the options are endless. 

Desk booking software like what SwipedOn offers gives you a streamlined way to manage your office space. By allowing employees to reserve desks as needed you can optimize your space usage, support flexible work arrangements, and enhance collaboration.

This can help reduce real estate costs, improve the employee experience, and provide data for informed decision-making. 

Yes, SwipedOn system Admins have the ability to create, manage and edit bookings on behalf of employees.  

Yes, with SwipedOn, you have the ability to restrict desks by employees or by teams. For example, you can make a desk only bookable for the marketing team or a certain employee. 

Yes. With SwipedOn you can create Zones. A zone is a way of grouping resources together. You can restrict zones to people or departments. For example - you can place all the Marketing desks in the Marketing zone and make them only bookable by people in that team. 

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