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One place to keep track of what’s happening

Create customizable visitor sign in flows that capture the information you require. Never keep visitors waiting, free up your reception and instantly notify host their guests have arrived.

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Make forgetting to sign in and out a thing of the past with features like automatic sign in and sign in reminders. Empower your employees with the ability to sign in remotely, roam between office locations, and set custom status messages and return times on sign out.

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Desks, car parks, lockers, laptops & the office dog can be found and booked in an instant with SwipedOn. Let staff book what they need and admins can easily view the information from the SwipedOn web dashboard.

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Keeping track of visitors and employees with SwipedOn means you are always prepared for an emergency evacuation with the most up-to-date information about who is on your premises.

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Be audit ready with secure, digital records of everyone who has been on your premises. SwipedOn enables you to reduce human error and protect the personal information of your visitors & employees.

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5 ways SwipedOn helps
streamline your workplace

The old way

  • A paper logbook that doesn't meet privacy requirements
  • Visitors kept waiting while you track down staff
  • Hours spent manually collating reports
  • No standard process between locations
  • No visibility over who is on-site during an emergency evacuation

The new way

  • Compliant, customizable sign in software for visitors
  • Instant host notification of visitor arrivals
  • Live, accurate data that can be filtered and exported in an instant
  • One system to oversee locations, visitors, employees & resources
  • Accurate digital roll call available from any device
A solution for every workplace


Protect your facilities, employees and customers with customized sign in tailored to suit your business.

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Finance & Government

Streamline the visitor and employee sign in experience with an intuitive, easy to use software solution.

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Logistics & Transport

Easily identify visitors and contractors and automate manual processes with a single, simple solution.

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Comply with health and safety regulations and have total visibility of staff, contractor, and visitor presence across your sites.

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Track visitors coming and going and ensure you are compliant with strict security rules.

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