SwipedOn Deliveries

The simple way to manage deliveries of parcels, food, or just about anything to your reception.

Receiving deliveries just became as easy as signing in visitors. We’ve removed the manual processes so you can simply scan the label on any parcel and SwipedOn will instantly notify the recipient. You'll be able to keep track of delivered items effortlessly with a simple web-based log on your SwipedOn dashboard and instantly send reminders for employees to collect items.

  • Label scanning makes the drop off process fast
  • Delivery log available in your web dashboard
  • Employees can acknowledge collection of delivery from SwipedOn app
  • Control the frequency of notifications
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An active subscription to SwipedOn is required to enable use of Deliveries.
SwipedOn Deliveries

Label Scan

Couriers can easily tap 'Deliveries' on the home screen to enter SwipedOn Deliveries. They are then prompted to choose how many items they will be delivering before the iPad camera opens, enabling the courier to scan the label on the item. The name of the recipient is matched and the courier is presented with a customised message instructing them where to leave the parcel. Should the courier have multiple items to deliver, or a signature is required, SwipedOn can easily handle these scenarios as well.

Instant Notifications

Upon delivery of a parcel, recipients will be instantly notified by email. If you have SMS notifications enabled, recipients will also receive an instant SMS message along with an email. Should the courier require a signature, recipients and the deliveries contact will be instantly notified to sign for the item/s.

SwipedOn Deliveries
SwipedOn Deliveries

Web Dashboard

Enjoy full visibility across history of deliveries to your location. The web dashboard provides a deliveries log, indicating which items have been delivered and if any are outstanding and who they are for.