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How to Get the Most Out of Your SwipedOn Booking Software

Discover essential tips and tricks to maximize efficiency and productivity with SwipedOn at your workplace. In this article, we outline three ways to optimize resource allocation and usage at your workplace before taking a closer look at how to make the most of the features available to you with SwipedOn. 

Let’s dive straight in…

1. Implement a fair and transparent booking system

One way to optimize resource allocation is to implement a fair and transparent booking system. Establish clear guidelines and policies for bookings, like limiting the duration of bookings or who can book. By promoting fair and equitable access, you can ensure that desks and resources are available to those who need them.

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2. Analyze the data provided by your SwipedOn booking system

Another way to optimize desk allocation is to analyze usage data available in your SwipedOn dashboard . By monitoring resource usage patterns, you can identify peak times and adjust allocation accordingly. This can help prevent overcrowding during busy periods and ensure that employees have access to resources when they need them.

3. Encourage employees to only book when they need the resource

In addition to optimizing desk allocation, it is important to promote efficient resource utilization. This can be achieved by encouraging employees to only book when they actually need the resource and by implementing policies that discourage booking for extended periods without actual usage. By promoting responsible resource usage, you can ensure that desks and resources are available to those who need them, improving overall efficiency.

Make Use of The Features Available

Your SwipedOn booking system has several features designed to help streamline and promote booking efficiency at your workplace, these are some of our favorites:

Custom Categories: You can literally make ANYTHING at your workplace bookable, we have our default categories like desks, vehicles, parking spots but you also have the freedom to make your own. Some of our customers use this feature to manage drones, VR headsets and more - the options are endless.

Features: Once you've got your resources set up, tag them with relevant and identifiable features to make it easy for employees to find something suitable for their needs. For example, a desk might have a monitor, standing functionality and a laptop stand - those can all be features. 

Booking Settings: Help promote efficient resource usage with the ability to set rules, like how far in advance people can book resources.

Interactive Maps: Uploading your floorplan gives employees another way to easily find the desk or resource they have booked by being able to easily see it on a map from the SwipedOn Pocket app. 

QR code check in: Booking on the go? No problem! Manage ad-hoc bookings by printing QR codes for desks and equipment so employees can easily book and see availability on the go.

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It won't work if you don't make it work

To reap the benefits of your SwipedOn desk and resource booking software, it's critical to ensure employee adoption and engagement. Without active participation from employees, the effectiveness will be limited.


One way to promote adoption is by providing comprehensive training and support. Consider investing in training sessions and resources to familiarize your employees with the new booking software and its features. This can help employees understand the benefits of the software and how to use it effectively.

Incentivizing can also be a good tactic to increase user engagement. By introducing friendly competitions or rewards for using the software, you can incentivize employees to actively participate in the new process.

We recommend that you continuously gather feedback from your employees and make improvements based on their input. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also demonstrates a commitment to creating a user-centric workplace environment.

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Mia Campbell

Mia is our Product Marketing Lead at SwipedOn