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Abipa Case Study

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Based in Canada, Abipa specialises in manufacturing aeronautical parts. With 150 employees, it’s a medium size business and, prior to introducing a visitor management system, encountered a number of challenges including the need for remote access for employees, ensuring compliance with the privacy regulations and an overall desire to go paperless for environmental purposes. These reasons really drove the need to research an alternative front desk solution for managing visitors and employees.

When researching visitor management solutions, the company had two priorities high on the list - it needed to be easy to use and it needed to be secure. And SwipedOn has proven an essential solution not only for autonomous check-ins and host alerts via SMS - two great results the business achieved via using the SwipedOn visitor management system - but also for record keeping, including visitor history search, which is particularly useful to the Aerospace industry.

Confidentiality is key

When Abipa were asked if they have identified anything after implementing SwipedOn that they didn’t realise they were missing, they commented that confidentiality was key, explaining that visitors on site cannot see which other visitors are also on site who may have arrived prior (as they can in a paper visitor book by simply looking to see who has signed in before them). This information is now not accessible, which is great especially when complying with data privacy and potentially sensitive information around who else might be visiting the premises.

Why SwipedOn?

Easy visitor sign in, ID badge printing, and SMS notifications make up the key features of SwipedOn which have benefited Abipa. They are now able to enjoy an unmanned front desk, allowing their administrative professional can focus on their other duties. But the resounding reason for Abipa choosing SwipedOn? Value for money and the simplicity of the tool.

We asked Abipa what they would tell other people who are considering SwipedOn as their visitor management tool, and their answer was to the point and on point: “it’s simple to use and affordable”. We’ll take that!

  • Remote access for employees
  • Compliance with data privacy regualtions
  • The desire to go paperless for environmental purposes

  • Confidentiality - visitors on site cannot see which other visitors are on site
  • They are now compliant with data privacy regulations
  • Easy visitor sign in and instant notifications for hosts
Boisbriand, QC, Canada



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“It’s simple to use and affordable.”
General Manager, Abipa
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