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Acucote Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining front desks all over the world.
Acucote is a medium size manufacturing business with 120 employees and multiple locations in the USA. We caught up with Acucote’s Credit & Compliance Administrator, Catherine to find out more about their intentions for using SwipedOn and the improvements the visitor management system has made to their front desk... and beyond!

Prior to using SwipedOn, the company faced multiple challenges around the old system using a paper badge setup, which drove them to research an alternative front-desk option for managing visitors. The existing process at the time was inefficient and proved difficult to track who was in the building for safety purposes. Acucote’s highest priorities when looking for a visitor management solution were that they needed something easy to use and mostly hands-off that would manage itself. Enter the SwipedOn app!

Why SwipedOn?

Acucote had seen SwipedOn implemented in a company they visited and it fit the bill. They didn’t research too many other solutions as their own experience using the system, along with the price, meant they had already found the perfect solution.

The Results

The results achieved after implementing SwipedOn visitor management system included being able to see who is in the facility and how frequently. Plus it’s easy for them to print an evacuation list at the touch of a button.

The three key features that the company really benefited from were evacuation mode, email notifications and visitor agreements / NDAs. Prior to SwipedOn they carried a notebook of people signed in to their meeting point during an evacuation - which proved bulky and inefficient. They used to page over the intercom system to notify employees that a visitor had arrived, so the email notifications are very useful. Acucote are part of a security products organisation and SwipedOn provides a screen with a quasi NDA that’s signed each time they have a visitor - an essential requirement for the security products organisation, meaning this is a hugely important feature for Acucote specific to the security and manufacturing industry.

  • Inefficient manual sign in process utilizing paper visitor badges meant visitors were difficult to track
  • Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) were essential for Acucote's security organization requirements, and this was missing
  • The need for a visitor management process that didn't require lots of help and could essentially manage itself

  • Accessible and easily printable list for evacuation purposes
  • Customizable NDAs engrained in the sign in process
  • Email notifications alert staff members quickly and efficiently when visitors arrive
North Carolina, USA



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“We didn't realize just how behind the times we were in terms of technology concerning visitor check in and sign out!”
Credit & Compliance Administrator, Acucote Inc
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