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Beach Energy Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining front desks all over the world.
Beach Energy is Australia’s leading mid-cap oil and gas company. With 550 employees and headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, Beach Energy are subscribed to the SwipedOn Enterprise plan with two iPads across two locations, plus the Unlimited SMS AddOns package. We spoke to Director of First Impressions, Kimberlie, to discover how SwipedOn has transformed their front desk processes.

Kimberlie, and the team at Beach Energy, faced challenges around the need to cut down on paper usage, plus their paper system did not enable them to easily access visitor data and statistics. These problems were the driving force which lead them to research other ways of managing the visitor process and resulted in them trialling a visitor management app, hosted on a professional looking iPad.

The Priorities

When looking for a visitor management solution, the highest priorities for Beach Energy were to find something secure, efficient and easy to navigate. It was that simple.

Why SwipedOn?

Beach Energy chose SwipedOn as their visitor management solution for two significant reasons:

1) The system was easy to use and set up taking no more than 10 minutes. The web dashboard is easy to navigate and the iPad app is user friendly for visitors entering and exiting the building.

2) The aftercare service. Kimberlie expressed this was a key reason for choosing SwipedOn. We offer world class customer support here at SwipedOn, with an average response time of less than 2 minutes, we pride ourselves in ensuring our customers are happy - and that did not go unnoticed by the team at Beach Energy.

The Results

After implementing the SwipedOn visitor management system, the results were visible immediately for Kimberlie and the team. The admin time used to process a visitor was significantly reduced, and they now have the ability to process visitors quickly and smoothly meaning Kimberlie can focus on her role of welcoming visitors and ensuring the business delivers the best first impression imaginable. Long term, it’s become evident that their paper usage has dramatically reduced.

Specific to their company and industry, SwipedOn has been an essential solution because it is sustainable and fits with their paper-lite company value. As a mining company they are very environmentally aware and have strong ethos for sustainability. They particularly love that SwipedOn plants a tree for every new customer which aligns with their own company values. They also now have the ability to pull statistics and visitor data quickly should they have an audit. This information was not easily accessible via the paper-based predecessor of SwipedOn.

Before SwipedOn they didn’t realise they had been missing data statistics and an easy sign in process. Three key features of SwipedOn that are most beneficial to Beach Energy are: easy visitor sign in, email notifications and SMS notifications. Making use of the Unlimited SMS addon, they find SMS notifications reach staff more effectively coming straight through to their mobile devices so if they aren’t at their desk, they will still receive the notification and can greet their guest in a timely fashion. They have also recently had the opportunity to upgrade their system to include an ID badge printer which has enabled them to align fully with their security protocols.

Final Thoughts

We asked Kimberlie what she would say to someone looking to install a visitor management system in place of a paper visitor book and she said “do it, it is an easy and efficient system, we have lots of guests that comment how easy it is to use.”

Thanks for the insight Kimberlie! We hope you found this article helpful and it provides a good understanding of how SwipedOn is utilized at this multi-location mining company in Australia. We've highlighted the challenges and results below for quick reference. Feel free to hit the download button on this page to save and read at your leisure.

  • Too much paper usage was not in line with company values
  • No way of easily accessing visitor data and statistics
  • No efficient and quick way to notify staff of a visitor's arrival

  • Dramatically reduced paper usage
  • Using Unlimited SMS package, staff are instantly notified on their mobile devices
  • Visitor data and statistics are easily accessible in the SwipedOn web dashboard
  • Visitor ID Badges can be printed quickly, in line with the company's security protocol
Adelaide, South Australia

Oil & Gas


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"SwipedOn is a sustainable system that fits into our paperlite value. It's easy to use and efficient; we have lots of guests comment how easy it is to use!"
Director of First Impressions, Beach Energy
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