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Columbus Chemical Industries Case Study

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Columbus Chemical Industries is a specialty chemical manufacturing company based in the USA. With 70 employees the company was looking for a better system for visitors to register instead of the paper version. We caught up with senior administrator Bridget to find out how SwipedOn has changed the way visitors and employees are managed in their facility.

When choosing a visitor management system, the highest priority for Columbus Chemical Industries was security. Due to the nature of chemical manufacturing, along with general health and safety concerns, knowing what visitors are in the building in the event of an emergency evacuation situation was of utmost importance.

Why SwipedOn?

The biggest reason for the company to choose SwipedOn was because it was best suited to the Columbus Chemical’s industry and is user friendly. And the real benefits of SwipedOn shine through with the easily accessible list of visitors for evacuation purposes (simply shake the iPad to activate!). Not only that, but Bridget is easily able to look back through the records at when people came in and have reports on demand for higher management.

The Results

After implementing SwipedOn Bridget reported that she had better visibility over the visitor flow and the ability to provide reports on visitor movements when necessary, further commenting “each host gets an email with the visitor picture knowing that they arrived to see them. It is great! All of our visitors are impressed with implementation of this visitor management and how easy it is to use. I'm so glad we can print picture ID labels.”

The three key features that Columbus Chemical Industries benefit from are easy visitor sign in, customizable design and evacuation mode. Being a chemicals company, evacuations are a reality and could be frequent so it’s really important that this easily addressed with a quick and efficient solution.

  • Not having visibility over visitors during emergency evacuations
  • Being able to provide a report of people who have entered the building quickly to higher management
  • The need for a user-friendly and efficient sign-in process which would be quicker than the paper predecessor

  • The ability to see who is in the building at all times and an easily accessible list of visitors in the event of an emergency evacuation
  • ID badges help identify visitors visually while walking around the facility
  • A user friendly sign-in app that is easy for anyone to use with a simple and quick sign-in process
Columbus, WI



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“It is great! All of our visitors are impressed with implementation of this visitor management system and enjoy how easy it is to use.”
Senior Administrator, Columbus Chemical Industries
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