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Copenhagen, Denmark


Airline Catering




  • The reception area needed to be modernized
  • Paper visitor book sign in was a slow and manual process
  • Needed a hygienic way for visitors to sign in during the pandemic


  • An easy to use, scalable solution that can be rolled out across multiple locations
  • Highly customizable, professional first point of contact
  • Remained operational during the pandemic with contactless visitor & employee sign in

Operating in over 200 airports worldwide, gategroup is a global leader in airline catering and provisioning services. They were an early adopter of the SwipedOn system, first setting it up five years ago to keep track of visitors. Since then, the team has successfully rolled out the solution across a further 16 locations around the globe, and now also use it to manage employees, deliveries, and more.

We recently caught up with Account Data Specialist Tony, at gategroup's Copenhagen site, to see how the team has been getting on since implementing SwipedOn at their front desk to check visitors in and out of their facility.

"SwipedOn provides a very scalable solution that’s easy to set up and use. It’s highly customizable and offers a very professional first point of contact for visitors to your business.”

Account Data Specialist, gategroup

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Transforming the reception area

What were the challenges that gategroup faced prior to implementing a digital workplace sign in solution?

Due to the nature of our business, visitors are required to complete a health assessment before they can legally come on site. Prior to SwipedOn this was done manually, which meant staff were spending valuable time shuffling through paperwork when they needed to pull visitor information or H&S documentation.

What were your company's highest priorities when you were looking for a workplace sign in solution?

We needed a solution that looked professional, where visitors could easily sign themselves in and out without the help of a receptionist. It needed to be able to assist our Security team with compliance and fulfilling our health and safety responsibilities.

Why SwipedOn?

What was the biggest reason you and your team chose SwipedOn as your workplace sign in solution?

The biggest reason we chose SwipedOn was the simple set up. Being able to customize the sign in process to fit our business needs was also really important, especially from a health and safety perspective.

With the success we had at our pilot site, rolling SwipedOn out across more sites made sense.

What SwipedOn features are the most beneficial to gategroup?

Easy visitor sign in

Email notifications

Visitor pre-registration

ID badge printing

Visitor photo capture

Visitor agreements / NDAs

Employee in/out

What results did gategroup Copenhagen achieve by implementing SwipedOn?

An automated induction process, ability to easily identify visitors who are on site for legitimate business, present visitors with required legal documents during their sign in and capture digital signatures, and ensure visitors are in compliance with health and safety rules.

Remaining operational during the pandemic

What specific SwipedOn features have helped you to operate safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Contactless visitor sign in with secure QR codes
  • Employee health screening checks
  • Visitor approval alerts
  • Visitor screening
How have these features helped your company during the pandemic?

The features have helped us adapt the sign in process to better protect our facilities, workers and customers. We have made use of the contactless sign in feature. Allowing visitors to sign in via QR code and complete the sign in process directly from their mobile phone. Visitor approval alerts allow us to reject or approve visitors to enter based on the information provided during sign in.

Final thoughts

What would you tell other businesses who are looking to adopt SwipedOn as their workplace sign in solution?

SwipedOn provides a very scalable solution that's easy to set up and use. It’s highly customizable and offers a very professional first point of contact for visitors to your business.

Thanks for the insight Tony! It’s so great to hear how SwipedOn has helped automate the workplace sign in process and facilitate at gategroup's Copenhagen site.

Did you know, SwipedOn is fully customizable per location for multiple location businesses like Gate Gourmet? Accessible from the web dashboard, you can decide on the look and feel of the iPad, how the visitor sign in flow is set up per location, whether employee sign in is enabled and more. Book a demo or start a free trial today to discover for yourself.

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