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Our Customers in United Arab Emirates

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Geometry MENA is a retail marketing agency in Dubai, UAE. With 50 employees, this small to medium size business, faced a variety of challenges which led them to research an alternative front desk solution.

Geometry have a closed-off front office which is an unmanned area. There is not a lot of foot traffic from employees meaning that their main challenge was ensuring that visitors are seen when they arrive. And the highest priority when choosing a visitor management system was quite simply to know when their visitors have arrived. The SwipedOn visitor notifications meant that this problem could easily be solved simply by installing the iPad and app in their front office space.

Why SwipedOn?

Geometry chose SwipedOn thanks to its simplicity to use and affordability, and the key features which are most beneficial to the company are easy visitor sign in, email notifications and customisable design. They didn’t realise they were missing metrics and records around the number of times a client comes to see them until they implemented SwipedOn. And the results after implementing SwipedOn means that they could have a quick response to someone who has arrived at reception thanks to the email notifications feature.

The Unmanned Front Desk

Much like other small creative agencies, Geometry have never had the need for a receptionist and have always operated with an unmanned front desk. So with no physical person sitting there, SwipedOn has become their full time receptionist, and visitors and clients are no longer left waiting. SwipedOn has proved an essential solution so them.

  • Access to a customizable welcome screen on the iPad
  • The need for instant notifications when visitors arrive
  • An easy sign in process for their unmanned front desk

  • An easy visitor sign in process
  • Employees can respond quickly and efficiently when guests arrive
  • Metrics and numbers regarding how many times a client visits
Dubai, UAE

Retail Marketing Agency


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“We all praise about this system! It's the future, no need to have someone sitting in case of walk-ins.”
Office Manager, Geometry
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