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Super Yachts & Marine




  • Needed to modernize systems
  • Accurate and up-to-date record of people on and off the boat.
  • Needed a hygienic way to sign in during the pandemic
  • Monitoring employee movements


  • Easy, fast, secure and automated visitor & employee sign in
  • Ability to carry out roll calls easily and offline during emergency evacuation
  • Total visibility of employee whereabouts
  • An easy-to-use solution that compliments the luxurious environment it is presented in

The 52.3m/171’7” ‘Grace’ motor yacht boasts meticulous craftsmanship, luxurious finishes, and definitely has the “wow” factor - promising truly unforgettable yacht charters for even the most discerning guests.

If you didn’t already know, it was aboard the decks of a superyacht that the whole idea for SwipedOn was born. Founder and CEO Hadleigh was working in the industry and figured there had to be a better way to welcome visitors aboard than with a tatty paper visitor book, so it makes sense that these lush boats are the perfect use case for the SwipedOn system.

We caught up with Jack, Chief Officer aboard the Grace to get his take on the SwipedOn system and why they chose to implement it.

Read on to find out more.

"The software is quick to set up and simple to use, it makes knowing your employees in/out status extremely easy.”

Chief Officer, Grace Yacht

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Modernizing the systems

Could you tell us a little about your previous visitor management process before implementing SwipedOn? For example, did you use a paper visitor book, or another digital solution?

Before we rolled out the SwipedOn system we were using a traditional paper book for visitors to sign in and out with, and we had a manual in and out board on the wall for the crew.

What were the challenges your company faced which drove the need to replace your paper visitor book with a digital solution?

The main challenge we were looking to solve was needing to modernize our systems. We wanted to find a solution that gave us an accurate and up-to-date record of people on and off the boat. It was important that whatever we went with was intuitive to use and easy to change names for the crew members who were on leave etc.

What were your company’s highest priorities when you were looking for a visitor & employee management solution?

Our most important priorities were being able to monitor employee movement, finding a system that was easy to use and would encourage crew members to sign in and out properly, as well as ease of use for keeping track of contractors on and off board.

Is there anything specific to your industry which SwipedOn has proved an essential solution?

For ships over 500 GT in international trade, ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) certification is mandatory. This requires effective measures for on-going compliance and management of risks through an effective security management system on board ISPS compliance which SwipedOn helps us meet.

Why SwipedOn?

What results did your company achieve by implementing SwipedOn?

We are now able to access very accurate information telling us who is on board at all times, and the SwipedOn system is super simple to update when we need to.

Which SwipedOn features does Grace Yacht find most useful?
  • Easy visitor sign in
  • Email notifications
  • Visitor pre-reg
  • Photo capture
  • Employee in/out
  • Evacuation mode
  • Remember frequent visitors
  • Bulk employee upload
  • QR sign in for visitors and staff
What a list! Is there any, in particular, that stand out, or do they all play an important role in automating workplace management processes?

All of these features are important to us as they assist with the ease of use of the system.

Remaining operational during the pandemic & beyond

When COVID-19 hit, did SwipedOn help your business remain operational? If so, which features were most beneficial for you and how were these used effectively in your business?

Like a lot of people, we were after something that could offer an easy way to conduct contact tracing if we needed to. Being able to facilitate a contactless sign in option was also extremely beneficial compared to hard-to-clean physical boards and books.

We know there are some different visitor & employee management solutions on offer - what was the biggest reason your company chose to implement SwipedOn?

For us, it really came down to simplicity and price, SwipedOn came out on top for both of those.

Final thoughts

What would you tell other businesses who are considering implementing SwipedOn as their visitor & employee management solution?

The software is quick to set up and simple to use, it makes knowing your employees in/out status extremely easy, it’s a great tool to have in the event of an emergency evacuation. And of course it offers an extremely slick welcome for our visitors too!

SwipedOn is the perfect option to streamline and simplify your reception desk processes. Book a demo or start a free trial today to discover for yourself.

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