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Graham Construction Case Study

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Graham Construction are a Canadian company providing integrated construction solutions for industrial and infrastructural projects throughout North America. They are at the forefront of sustainable construction practices, being among one of the first to start ‘thinking green’. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Graham are subscribed to the SwipedOn Enterprise plan, with SwipedOn rolled out across 8 locations. We spoke to Jarrel Oliveira, Administrative Assistant at Graham, to discover how SwipedOn has helped facilitate evacuation procedures and enhance on-site security within their workplace.

For Graham Construction, knowing who was entering their facility at any given time was critical; with 1300 employees across multiple locations, the number of visitors checking in and out at each site was posing a threat to their building security. They felt they weren’t able to easily identify on-site movements, leaving staff, visitors, and assets vulnerable to safety and security. This led them to look for an all-in-one solution that could keep accurate information on visitor and employee attendance as well as support their compliance efforts.

The Priorities

Finding a system that would adhere to the company’s security policies and ensuring uninvited or unattended guests were not wandering their building in sight of sensitive information were the highest priorities when Graham Construction were researching visitor management systems. Additionally, they were looking for a platform that was capable of satisfying industry compliance requirements, enabling visitors to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before stepping on-site.

Why SwipedOn?

After researching several visitor management solutions available on the market, SwipedOn’s ease of use and ease to manage were deciding factors for the team at Graham Construction. Jarrel mentioned they were also particularly impressed with the responsiveness of the SwipedOn customer support team, commenting that “customer service is readily available and informed.”

The three key features of SwipedOn most beneficial to Graham Construction are easy visitor sign-in, employee in and out board and evacuation mode. “We are a large firm with several non-employee personnel coming in and out of our operations office. SwipedOn helps us be attentive to our clients, our employees and sensitive information by knowing who is in the building and when they're not.”

The Results

SwipedOn has become a part of Graham Constructions’ overall security equation. Since implementing SwipedOn, the company operates a secure visitor sign-in process. With SwipedOns detailed record-keeping and reporting capabilities, they can maintain visibility of who is onsite and create real-time reports on visitor flow. Further to this, staff can now easily identify guests who are actually authorized to be on the premises through printed visitor ID badges. Instant host email notifications mean visitors are greeted by the person they are there to see, relieving Jarrell and his team of notifying staff.

SwipedOns evacuation mode and portable roll call have proved extremely useful, making it easier to manage fire drills and aid company evacuation procedures, as visitor and employee movement information can easily be retrieved.

Finally, the SwipedOn app has enabled them to present vital health and safety information to visitors, critical to their industry and limiting liability.

With a complete overview of who’s on-site, Graham Construction can ensure their visitors, employees and sensitive information are safe and secure. We asked Jarrel what he would say to anyone considering SwipedOn and he commented “It will save time and stress. Especially when a company wants to de-clutter, save money and paper.”

Thanks for the insight Jarrel! We hope you found this article helpful and it provides a good understanding of how SwipedOn is utilized at this multi-location construction company in Canada. We've highlighted the challenges and results below for quick reference. Feel free to hit the download button on this page to save and read at your leisure.

  • No process in place to recognize who is a visitor in the building (i.e the need for ID badge printing)
  • High volume of visitors across multiple locations
  • Managing an evacuation procedure quickly and efficiently

  • Easier to identify people who are not authorized to be on-site, with visitors required to wear a printed ID badge
  • Able to quickly retrieve real-time visitor information in the event of an emergency
  • The team know who is in the building at any given time
  • Instant notifications of visitor arrival to hosts
Calgary, Canada



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“It will save time and stress. Especially when a company wants to de-clutter, save money and paper.”
Administrative Assistant, Graham Construction
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