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GS1 UK Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining front desks all over the world.
GS1 UK operates in the logistics and supply chain industry, and focuses on creating barcodes for use by their global customer base which ranges from retail to healthcare. With their headquarters in London, GS1 UK has 90 employees on the premises and is subscribed to the SwipedOn business plan, also utilising the SwipedOn Deliveries AddOn. We caught up with receptionist Katey, to discover how SwipedOn has transformed the front desk operation for this medium-size business in the United Kingdom.

Prior to implementing SwipedOn GS1 UK faced challenges around human resource and the intention to have a maximum of one receptionist. They wanted visitors to be more self sufficient when signing into the building, relieving any pressure - and removing workload - from the one receptionist, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

The Priorities

Due to the circumstances which drove GS1 UK to find an alternative front desk solution to the paper visitor book, the company’s highest priority when searching for a visitor management system was ease of use. This would ensure that guests could be self sufficient upon sign-in with a system which would be clear and straightforward to use, leaving Katey to focus on other important tasks while still offering human interaction to enhance the visitor experience further.

Why SwipedOn?

GS1 UK chose SwipedOn specifically because it is straightforward and very simple to use. The features most beneficial to GS1 UK are email notifications and easy visitor sign-in. We asked Katey to expand a little on why these features are so important to GS1 UK, and here is what she said:

“SwipedOn is quick and easy. I don't have to worry if I am not at the desk. Staff are notified automatically and I don't have to remember to contact them. As a receptionist, I have more time to complete other tasks. Reception can also be managed remotely when I am not here. It is straightforward to set up and very simple to use. The SwipedOn app is so much more reliable than an actual human receptionist, there are no mistakes with spelling or getting names wrong.”

The Results

After implementing the SwipedOn app, GS1 UK achieved various results; Katey is now able to complete other tasks, meaning productivity overall has improved. Plus, when Katey is not at the reception desk, the sign-in process can still be managed easily and remotely. Additionally, when multiple guests arrive for different staff members, Katey doesn't have to worry about who is here to visit who, which could get confusing previously and sometimes result in getting people mixed up. With a high volume of visitors, SwipedOn now takes care of notifying the correct members of staff immediately.

Specific to the logistics and supply chain industry, GS1 UK has many visitors coming and going, meaning that it can be challenging for Katey to remember every single person’s name and company. With SwipedOn, it’s easy to check visitor information on the screen and the logged details in the web dashboard to maintain a professional approach to her role.

SwipedOn Deliveries

GS1 UK have benefited from the SwipedOn Deliveries AddOn. We asked Katey to tell us a little about how it has helped in her role as a receptionist. Here is what she told us:

"Deliveries has proved worthwhile to my role as receptionist, as I can now keep track of parcels received in the office and make sure they don't get lost. It improved the daily operations at the GS1 UK front desk because it frees up my time notifying people of their deliveries and can easily see if they have been collected. I would definitely recommend, especially with the growth of online shopping as most people now have items delivered to work which can be very time consuming as a receptionist. When their are problems with delivery, I can be confident in informing if something has been received or not. Also in our office we sometimes answer the reception door remotely; with some of our regular delivery men, they are quite willing to log the parcels themselves on SwipedOn and no one needs to meet them at the desk."

Thanks for the insight Katey! We hope you found this article helpful and it provides a good understanding of how SwipedOn is utilised at this logistics and supply chain company in the United Kingdom. We've highlighted the challenges and results below for quick reference. Feel free to hit the download button on this page to save and read at your leisure.

  • High volume of visitors caused confusion at times
  • Sometimes handwriting was illegible in the paper visitor book
  • Needed to free up time for the receptionist to be able to complete other tasks

  • Increased productivity for the receptionist
  • If the reception desk is unmanned for any reason, visitors are still able to sign in easily
  • Staff are notified instantly when a visitor has arrived for them and there are no mix-ups
London, UK



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“As a receptionist I have more time to complete other tasks. Reception can also be managed remotely when I am not here. It is straightforward to set up and very simple to use.”
Receptionist, GS1 UK
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