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Hidden Vale Adventure Park Case Study

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Based in Grandchester in Queensland Australia, Hidden Vale Adventure Park offers 12,000 acres of world-class trails for biking, running and hiking. With seven staff, the team at Hidden Vale Adventure Park were in need of an easy way of knowing who is on the property at all times. We spoke to park manager, Hayden to learn how SwipedOn has helped transform their visitor registration process, by consolidating a variety of factors into one central system.

Prior to implementing SwipedOn, the team at Hidden Vale Adventure Park had no way to monitor who was using the trails or on the property at any given time. Nor did they have a way to check people in and out of the property for safety purposes. 12,000 acres of land with only seven staff is a big area to monitor, so the team was in need of a system that could help automate this process for them and provide full oversight at the click of a button.

The priorities

When Hayden was searching for a solution, his highest priorities were that it would be a digital tool and user friendly. A digital system allows the team at Hidden Vale Adventure Park to fully automate all the processes which would otherwise be manual and time consuming. And with all ages and abilities using the park, it was important to find a system that would be super easy to use for just about anyone.

Why SwipedOn?

SwipedOn is very easy to use with a friendly and customizable interface. This was the main reason that SwipedOn was the right choice for the team at Hidden Vale Adventure Park. The three features of the solution which they find most useful to the business are customizable design, easy visitor sign in and remember frequent visitors. As a popular local adventure park, hikers, runners and mountain bikers come back again and again to use the trails, so it’s really useful to remember these visitors to streamline their experience.

The Results

After implementing the visitor management system, Hayden has reported that they have seen an improvement with easily tracking sign in and sign out, plus they can capture a digital signature for the waiver and the details of all visitors can be captured so they know exactly who is on the property at all times. They didn’t realise they were missing data capture until they had SwipedOn; the team are now able to gather a set of data that helps them understand the demographics of people using the trails.

  • A digital visitor management solution to automate otherwise manual processes
  • The need for full oversight of who is on the property at all times
  • Keeping staff and visitors safe when returning to business after the pandemic

  • A simple and easy to use sign in system for visitors
  • A way to know exactly who is on the property and when
  • An effective way to carry out contact tracing and contactless sign in
Grandchester QLD Australia



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"As a business in the tourism industry, SwipedOn has proved an essential solution for waiver completion and signature."
Manager, Hidden Vale Adventure Park
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