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Our Customers in South Africa

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J&B Hive is a coworking space and catalyst for creative entrepreneurs in Johannesburg, South Africa. It consists of a creative hub and accelerator programme that encourages members to connect, engage and collaborate. The company subscribed to SwipedOn in 2016 and is currently using the Business plan. As long-time users of the SwipedOn app, we caught up with Sibongile, Director of J&B Hive, to discover how the SwipedOn visitor management solution has transformed the front desk operation at this creative hub.

As a working space for entrepreneurs, J&B Hive has approximately 5 staff and 45 members who use the space, all with their own specific business operations and visitors. Prior to implementing SwipedOn, the team faced challenges around knowing who is in the building on any given day and manually signing people in and out of the facility was time-consuming for the staff at the front office.

The Priorities

When looking for a visitor management system, J&B Hive's highest priorities included the desire to seek out a paperless solution for tracking visitors numbers to the space which would replace the paper visitor book and offer more advanced features that would speed up the entire sign-in process. They wanted a tool that would assist with managing inflows, outflows and adherence to their community rules, in a hope to reduce additional workload for the team at the front desk.

Why SwipedOn?

Back in 2016, when J&B Hive were looking to subscribe, the key driver was the low cost; SwipedOn was the most affordable solution of the two which Sibongile tested out. To this day SwipedOn offers the most cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes across the globe and is ranked as one of the top software businesses operating out of Australasia.

Sibongile commented: “it is simple to use, and has a great interface”. This means that visitors are easily able to sign in using the tool, and the branding and design feature allows J&B Hive to add their own background images, which helps to communicate their brand right at the start of the visitor experience. SwipedOn also offers a clear and simple evacuation alert system - something that the team at J&B Hive weren't expecting to be so useful and have really benefitted from this feature.

The Results

SwipedOn allows the team of staff at J&B Hive to keep track of not only who is in the building on any given day, but also easily alerts members when they have visitors - eliminating the need for front office staff to take any action to notify them. Therefore this reduces the administrative burden on the front office.

Specific to the coworking space industry, SwipedOn has proved essential for tracking visitors along with the reason for their visit which allows them to know the most popular aspects of their creative hub. The three key features of SwipedOn which this creative hub and coworking space find most beneficial are: remember frequent visitors, visitor agreements (NDAs) and employee in/out. J&B Hive has some rules so the visitor agreements - or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) - are vital. The other two features speak to their shared workspace and allow for ease of use for members, employees and their visitors.

Thanks for the insight Sibongile! We hope you found this article helpful and it provides a good understanding of how SwipedOn is utilised at this creative hub and coworking space in South Africa. We've highlighted the challenges and results below for quick reference. Feel free to hit the download button on this page to save and read at your leisure.

  • A slow sign-in process with too much manual work for front office staff
  • No easy way to know who is in the building at any given time
  • Manual processes that accompanied using a paper visitor book were laborious

  • The team know who is in the building at any given time
  • Visitor data provides insight into the most popular aspects of their creative hub
  • Evacuations feature has proved invaluable
Johannesburg, South Africa



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“SwipedOn allows us to keep track of not only who is in the building on any given day, but more easily alerts them of their visitors. It reduces the administrative burden on the front office.”
Director, The Hive
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