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Hyundai Auto Canada Corp Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining workplaces all over the world.

Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp, is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. With over 210 dealerships nationwide, Hyundai Auto Canada is committed to providing world-class vehicles that deliver on quality, safety and design. They have been a loyal user of SwipedOn since 2018, and have implemented the sign in solution across 2 locations to check in 200 plus employees and numerous visitors daily.

We caught up with Hyundai Canada’s Senior Facilities Administrator Mo, to get the lowdown on how SwipedOn has proved to be an integral part of their business. We talk about why they initially chose SwipedOn, through to the impact of COVID-19 and how SwipedOn has been instrumental in safely welcoming visitors and staff back to the office.

Transforming the sign in process

Rewind to 2018, what were the challenges Hyundai Auto Canada faced which drove the need to replace your paper visitor book with a digital solution?

Our visitor management process was proving inefficient. We had a lot of paper-based processes, which resulted in the inability to easily access visitor data and poor visibility across different office locations. With multiple entrances, the number of people entering and exiting our building was becoming an issue to our health and safety. Company-wide there was a push to implement green initiatives across all areas of the business, which also drove the need to reduce paper usage within our office.

When searching for a digital sign in solution, what were the highest priorities for the business?

Our highest priorities were: finding a system with a user friendly interface, accurate data collection, and the ability to monitor more than one entrance through an integrated solution.

What results did your company achieve by implementing SwipedOn?

A big win for us since implementing SwipedOn is that we now have a complete overview of the number of people in our different offices at any given time. Admin time spent on processing visitors has also significantly reduced along with our office paper usage.

Making the most of SwipedOn features

We know there are a number of different workplace sign in solutions on offer - what was the biggest reason your company chose to implement SwipedOn? 

The competitive price, along with the ongoing customer support we received throughout our trial made SwipedOn an easy choice.

What SwipedOn features are the most beneficial to Hyundai Auto Canada?

Email notifications
SMS notifications
Customizable design
Custom visitor fields
Remember frequent visitors
Bulk employee upload

It’s great to hear you’ve found so many features beneficial! Are there any in particular that stand out in helping to automate your workplace management processes?

The addition of the multi-location feature has made it easier to manage visitors and staff across our different offices with multiple entrances, we can monitor all our sites from a centralized place with the ability to pull integrated reports.

The process of staff being notified of their visitors’ arrival through SMS has saved so much time for our admin team. They now have time to complete other tasks instead of locating hosts to let them know that their visitor has arrived.

Operating during the pandemic

How has SwipedOn help facilitate a safe return to work?

Having SwipedOn in place along with our other safety measures certainly helped ease employee anxiety around returning to the office. With SwipedOn, we have the ability to screen all visitors, staff and other visitor types with a questionnaire to help determine if they are safe to enter the building. In case of any suspicious answer, our admin team is immediately alerted and can deny entry.

What specific SwipedOn features have helped you operate safely through the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Contactless visitor sign in by secure QR codes
  • Ability to run contact tracing reports

Can you tell us a little more about how these features have helped Hyundai Canada overcome the challenges of COVID-19?

It has made it easier for us to operate safely while remaining compliant with local legislation. If a positive case visits one of our locations, we can easily carry out contact tracing at the touch of a button. Contactless visitor sign in by secure QR codes has also removed the need to touch a communal iPad; reducing the risk of potential transmission.

Final thoughts

Thanks for providing this insight Mo! What would you tell other businesses who are considering SwipedOn as their workplace sign in solution?

SwipedOn is easy to use from both an admin and end user perspective. Customer support is brilliant; they’re always available and willing to help. Reports are easy to pull, and especially great if you have several locations as all visitor data can easily be retrieved from one place.

  • Lack of visibility across different office locations with multiple entrances
  • Paper-based processes were not in line with company-wide green initiatives
  • Stay compliant with changing COVID-19 regulations

  • Easy way to monitor multiple locations from a centralized place
  • Reduced paperwork with automated visitor and employee sign in
  • Ability to operate safely while remaining compliant with local COVID-19 requirements
Ontario, Canada

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“When it was time to reopen, having SwipedOn in place along with our other safety measures helped ease employee anxiety around returning to the office”
Facilities Administrator, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.
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