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Immanuel Communities Case Study

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Based in Omaha, Nebraska in the midwest USA, Immanuel is a leader in the field of retirement living. With 1500 staff and multiple communities across the United States, Immanuel have rolled out SwipedOn across 12 of their community locations. We spoke to director of business solutions, Andrew to learn how SwipedOn has helped transform their visitor and employee registration process.

Prior to implementing SwipedOn, Immanuel faced the challenge of easily understanding who was in their communities at all times, and how many of those were visitors, residents or staff. Andrew recognised a requirement to have full oversight of who is in their facilities at all times, and all those who have been in their building prior (and when). The importance of this was amplified when a pandemic was declared by the World Health Organisation, and the ability to carry out contact tracing - and therefore protect staff and elderly residents - became a critical requirement.

The priorities

When Andrew was searching for a solution that would tackle contact tracing and sign in challenges, he identified the highest priorities for the company to be emergency management for evacuations and the general security of their community including residents, staff and visitors.

Andrew advised that he knew exactly what Immanuel Communities needed, and the main challenge was finding the right vendor and price; for those reasons SwipedOn became the visitor management system of choice.

Why SwipedOn?

Andrew chose SwipedOn for Immanuel Communities for a combination of reasons; cost, ease of set up, ease of use and the rapid development of new features to better equip our customers with the office automation challenges they face. The three features of SwipedOn most beneficial to Immanuel Communities are easy visitor sign-in, ID badge printing, and employee in out; these were the key areas that needed to be addressed for security purposes.

The Results

By implementing SwipedOn, Immanuel Communities were empowered with the knowledge of knowing which staff, residents and visitors are in the premises at all times. If visitors are not wearing an ID badge, the staff at Immanuel can easily identify that person has not checked in and are able to ensure they do so.

Andrew advised us that, specific to the assisted living industry, “the Covid19 questionnaire was a great addition”. During a time of a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep residents and staff safe from contracting the virus. And when we asked Andrew if he had any other comments he advocated that it is “very easy to set up and use. I like that SwipedOn is constantly adding features” and is looking forward to a future release when the contactless sign in feature will work with ID badge printing (coming soon!).

  • A low-cost visitor management solution
  • The need for full oversight of who is in their buildings at all times
  • Keeping staff and residents safe during the pandemic

  • A simple way for employees, residents and visitors to sign in
  • An easy to use evacuation management system
  • An effective way to carry out contact tracing and contactless sign in
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Senior Living


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“The Covid19 questionnaire was a great addition. I like that SwipedOn is constantly adding features and is very easy to set up and use.”
Andrew Harris
Director - Business Solutions, Immanuel Communities
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