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Mirus Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining front desks all over the world.
Mirus is an independent applied technology business that designs cutting edge aircraft seating. Based in Norfolk, UK, Mirus has 100 employees and is classed as a medium size business. We spoke to Spencer, IT & Facilities Manager at Mirus, to discover how SwipedOn has transformed the sign-in operation at Mirus.

Prior to discovering a digital visitor management solution, Mirus faced challenges around the manual sign-in process using a paper visitor book, which led to issues surrounding confidentiality. As their business grew, the paper visitor book - and manual processes that accompanied it - became difficult to manage, driving the team at Mirus to research alternative front desk options.

The Priorities

When researching a visitor management system, the company’s highest priorities were that the system would be modern, easy to maintain (and use) and offer security and confidentiality to help Mirus comply with data privacy regulations, including GDPR.

Why SwipedOn?

Mirus chose SwipedOn simply because it is easy to use. Not only that, but SwipedOn offered the perfect fit to all the priorities Mirus were searching for. The app is modern and, when paired with the iPad hardware and contemporary stand, offers a professional first impression to visitors and clients entering the building. SwipedOn is also easy to maintain, with regular updates and feature releases all they need to is ensure the iPad has auto-updates activated and the app is always up to date.

The three key features of the SwipedOn app that are most beneficial to Mirus are easy visitor sign in, customisable design and email notifications. Mirus are able to customise the welcome screen on the app with their own branding, which enhances the communication of their brand throughout the visitor experience - from setting foot in the reception area to tapping into the sign-in system and meeting one of their employees.

The Results

After implementing SwipedOn Mirus immediately presented a more modern front of house together with an easily managed, cost-effective and secure system. Further, Mirus regularly receives audits which are performed to ensure they are handling visitor data in a secure way. The SwipedOn system helps during these audits to demonstrate adequate security when receiving visitor information. The team at Mirus can efficiently draw up records and prove that visitor data is stored confidentially.

When we asked Spencer what he would say to anyone thinking about SwipedOn as their visitor management system he commented “go for it, it was extremely easy to set up, we were up and running in minutes!”

Thanks for the insight Spencer! We hope you found this article helpful and it provides a good understanding of how SwipedOn is utilised at this applied technology aerospace business in the UK. We've highlighted the challenges and results below for quick reference. Feel free to hit the download button on this page to save and read at your leisure.

  • Could not keep visitor data confidential with a paper visitor book
  • The paper visitor book did not match the contemporary aesthetic of the Mirus brand
  • A growing business meant that the manual processes that accompanied using a paper visitor book were becoming laborious

  • Streamlined visitor sign-in process
  • A professional looking system which communicates a great first impression
  • Data is now stored safely and securely and compliant with data privacy regulations
Norfolk, UK



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“We were looking for a modern, easy to maintain and secure system… [SwipedOn] was extremely easy to set up, we were up and running in minutes!”
IT & Facilities Manager, Mirus
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