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NAS Airport Services


Nairobi, Kenya






  • Reduce paper use and manage data safely and securely.
  • Paper visitor book sign in was a slow and manual process.
  • Providing a hygienic way for visitors & employees to sign in during the pandemic.


  • Reduced paper waste and a smaller environmental impact.
  • A compliant way to manage visitor data with an intuitive system.
  • Total visibility of what is happening across different locations.

From a humble beginning operating from a wooden shack, today NAS Airport Services Limited boasts a range of world-class services. Notably, fully integrated inflight catering services, pristine laundry solutions, passenger comfort services, and a fully-fledged corporate catering brand.

The only thing missing was a visitor welcome that matched the world-class processes that the rest of the business had adopted, that was until they rolled out SwipedOn. We caught up with ICT Manager Patrick, to see how SwipedOn has helped their workplace sign in process. Read on to find out more.

"SwipedOn is a truly flexible system that can be adapted to suit any organization.”

ICT Manager, NAS Airport Services

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Transforming the sign in process

Can you tell us a little about your previous visitor management process?

Before we implemented SwipedOn, we used a hard-cover book to record the details of visitors to our premises.

What were the challenges you faced that drove the need to replace your paper visitor book?

There were a few key challenges we faced with our old processes - it took a long time to capture and retrieve details of any single visitor, and we had to store the physical visitor books for a long time to access the records if we needed them.

Having physical records was also an untidy and unhygienic way of handling our visitor records and other paperwork.

What were the top priorities when you were looking for a sign in solution?

Our main concern was improving our efficiencies when it came to recording and retrieving visitor records. We needed something that helped us to reduce manual labor and paperwork.

Data privacy was also an important  priority for us, so having everything stored digitally was a top priority.

What results did you notice from implementing SwipedOn?

SwipedOn helped us streamline visitor management by automatically notifying hosts of visitor arrivals.

Regular visitors’ records can be easily reused for faster admissions and searching our historical records is much faster now.

Our security team has been freed up as they are no longer involved in the visitor management process and relevant data is now securely stored with controlled access.

We know there are some different visitor & employee management solutions on offer, what was the main reason your company chose us?

The features and flexibility of the SwipedOn system matched our requirements and the need to digitize our visitor management process.

Which SwipedOn features do you find most useful?

Easy visitor sign in

Email notifications

Visitor pre-registration

Roaming employee

Customizable design

Custom visitor fields

Remember frequent visitors

What a list! Are there any in particular that stand out or do they all play an important role in automating workplace management processes?

For efficiency and security, it is important that our organization captures the full details of each visitor in an easy flexible manner, so having the option to set and change our questions is very important. Notifying the visitor host with e-mail notifications and approval helps us streamline the process and create an auditable trail.

Preregistration and remembering visitors makes it faster to admit regular visitors, further streamlining the process.

It’s important for us to have a flexible system where we can customize elements like visitor questions as and when needed.

You also use SwipedOn Deliveries, how has this helped your front desk processes?

It is now easy to trace records of the times that deliveries arrived from suppliers, the person who made the delivery, and also the employee that collected it.

Operating during the pandemic and beyond

When COVID-19 hit, did SwipedOn help your business remain operational? What did you find most beneficial during this time?

Being able to sign in visitors contactlessly with QR codes helped us comply with COVID-19 hygiene and safety requirements. The ability to tailor the visitor questions and the ability to approve and deny visitors made it easy to screen people before they entered our premises.

Is there anything specific to your industry which SwipedOn has proved an essential solution for?

The SwipedOn system helps us to easily comply with numerous security, hygiene and safety standards that are vitally important in our workplace.

What would you tell other businesses who are considering SwipedOn as their visitor management solution?

SwipedOn is a flexible system that can be adapted to any organization with a readily available support team. Being a scalable system, it can be adopted in phases as the organization’s needs evolve.

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