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Rubicon Charitable Trust Case Study

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With 16 employees, Rubicon Charitable Trust is a small not-for-profit organisation in New Zealand offering an alcohol and drug counselling service. We spoke to Rob, CEO of Rubicon to talk about how SwipedOn has helped create a sign-in process for the organization.

Rubicon faced challenges with not having any kind of front desk or sign-in process that drove them to research a visitor management system. They didn’t have a solution and SwipedOn was the best they could find that catered for their needs and requirements. Their highest priorities when researching visitor management solutions were staff movement, visitor entry and exit and health and safety concerns. All of which they had not monitored prior.

Why SwipedOn?

After realising they were missing a form of management around visitors and employees, Rubicon began researching their options. Rob chose SwipedOn for the organization quite simply because they believe it’s the best product on the market and the best value for money. The three key features most beneficial for the organization include easy visitor sign in, email notifications and employee in/out. The results achieved after implementing SwipedOn meant that the team had full visibility on entry and exit information along with all visitor details.

  • No existing front desk or visitor management process
  • Health and safety concerns around knowing who is in the building
  • The ability to know when visitors have arrived

  • A streamlined and easy-to-use sign in process
  • Accessible visitor and employee list for evacuation purposes
  • Email notifications alert staff members quickly and efficiently when visitors arrive
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“It’s the best product on the market and the best value for money... Go for it, you won’t be disappointed!”
CEO, Rubicon Charitable Trust
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