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Leicester, UK


Sports & Leisure




  • Meeting data privacy and compliance requirements
  • A slow, manual sign in process
  • Not knowing who was in or out in the event of an emergency


  • Simple, secure, automated visitor and employee sign
  • More capacity for our Office Manager to focus on important tasks
  • An easy way to help us manage a hybrid work model
  • A safe and efficient way to facilitate evacuation protocols

Here at SwipedOn, we’re all about making work life easier for our customers so they can spend more time doing the things they’re passionate about.

For the team at Serco Leisure, that means getting out and encouraging communities to be active and educating people about the benefits that regular movement can provide for mental health, wellbeing, and overall happiness.

Serco has been a SwipedOn customer since 2019. We recently caught up with their IT Technical Lead, Gareth to find out just how the software has helped them automate some of their tedious, manual processes and free up the staff to focus on more important tasks.

Read on below to find out more.

"With the automation that SwipedOn offers, our office manager has more time to concentrate on other more important tasks.”

Gareth Edwards
IT Technical Lead, Serco

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Managing data privacy and automating the sign in process

Could you tell us a little about your previous visitor management process before implementing SwipedOn? For example, did you use a paper visitor book, or another digital solution?

Before we implemented the SwipedOn System we were using a large A3 paper sign in book to track all visitor's details.

What were the challenges your company faced which drove the need to replace your paper visitor book with a digital solution?

One of our biggest challenges was dealing with data privacy and compliance requirements around this. Another key issue was the length of time it was taking for each person to sign in as visitors were required to physically write down all the relevant details, we needed a new system that was fast, secure, and didn't need a staff member to monitor constantly.

What were your company’s highest priorities when you were looking for a visitor & employee management solution?

We were looking for something that was easy and intuitive to use for staff and visitors, something that could facilitate our evacuation protocols in case of emergency, and that was easy to update and maintain.

Is there anything specific to your industry which SwipedOn has proved an essential solution?

GDPR is an essential requirement in our industry, and moving away from paper sign in forms to a secure system has helped us meet those requirements.

Why SwipedOn?

What results did your company achieve by implementing SwipedOn?

Since we rolled out SwipedOn we have gained a better understanding of which employees are in or out and what visitors are in the building which has improved our safety and security measures. With the automation that SwipedOn offers (like the host being notified when a visitor arrives), our office manager has more time to concentrate on other more important tasks.

Which SwipedOn features does Serco find most useful?
  • Easy visitor sign in
  • Email notifications
  • Visitor pre-reg
  • Employee IO
  • Evacuation mode
Why are these features important for your company?
  • First impressions are important to us, so we like our sign in to be simple and fast for visitors.
  • Email notifications mean the relevant staff member is automatically notified that their visitor is here to see them - cutting down wait times and freeing up our office manager.
  • Preregister means we can save even more time for our important visitors.
  • The employee in/out means we can see a live view of who is in and out of the building at any given time.
  • Evacuation mode means we can ensure the office is a safe place to work and if the worst does happen we have fast access to who was in the building at any given time and make sure they are safe.

Managing a hybrid work model

When COVID-19 hit, did SwipedOn help your business remain operational? If so, which features were most beneficial for you and how were these used effectively in your business?

As we began to open offices back up, the SwipedOn Pocket app became an invaluable tool as it meant staff could easily sign in and out using their own devices and visitors could sign in contactlessly with the QR code sign in feature. Being able to facilitate this allowed us to maintain social distancing rules within the office.

We know there are some different visitor & employee management solutions on offer - what was the biggest reason your company chose to implement SwipedOn?

SwipedOn came recommended by another company in our building.

Final thoughts

What would you tell other businesses who are considering implementing SwipedOn as their visitor & employee management solution?

SwipedOn is easy to set up easy to use and manage and very end-user friendly. That meant that both tech-savvy and not-so-tech-savvy staff could pick up how to use it quite fast.

SwipedOn is the perfect option to streamline and simplify your reception desk processes. Book a demo or start a free trial today to discover for yourself.

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