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Our Customers in Spain

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Siemens is a globally recognised gas and power engine manufacturing company. Their office in Spain has 265 employees - that’s a lot of people to keep track of, and a lot of hosts for potential visitors. We caught up with IT Manager Joseba to talk about all things SwipedOn and understand the challenges and results around implementing a visitor management system in their facility in Spain. With multiple locations and iPads, Siemens are on our Enterprise plan and shared some insight with us into how SwipedOn has changed their sign-in process.

Siemens chose to research an alternative front-desk solution due to poor visitor management they were experiencing. They felt they had security risk and felt the company didn’t look professional enough. Further to that, they loathed the manual processes which come with a paper visitor book. When Joseba was choosing a solution, it was crucial that he considered the company’s highest priorities: an easy and short process to identify, monitor and meet EHS requirements.

Why SwipedOn?

With a high number of employees across multiple locations, Siemens required a streamlined solution that would be low cost and easy to set up and use - and SwipedOn delivered. The three key features on SwipedOn which are most beneficial for the business are easy visitor sign-in, email notifications, customisable design.


After implementing the visitor management solution, they have found a comfortable procedure to manage visitors away from the manual and sometimes unreliable visitor book. And, as a facility that manufactures gas and power engines, health and safety is important, so SwipedOn has proved an essential solution for making sure they know where everyone is at all times in case of an evacuation. They didn’t realise they were missing the ability to pre-register guests until implementing SwipedOn.

We asked Joseba what he would say to anyone else considering SwipedOn and he commented “it’s fast, cheap and good! The support is excellent, they combine an excellent FAQs documentation with the online support.”

  • Monitor and meet EHS requirements
  • Professional look of the front desk
  • Manual processes of a paper visitor book

  • Compliance with EHS requirements
  • Easy front desk sign-in for visitors and employees
  • The ability to pre-register guests

Gas & Power Engines Manufacturing


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“The support is excellent , they combine an excellent FAQs documentation with the online support.”
IT Manager, Siemens
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