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Whanganui, New Zealand






  • Operating efficiently with an unmanned reception area.
  • Offering a safe and secure sign in process during the pandemic.


  • A streamlined visitor sign in and notification process.
  • Visibility of who is on the premises with improved information and reporting tools.

Silks Audit Chartered Accountants was first founded in 1904 in Whanganui, New Zealand, and they have grown from humble beginnings to one of the largest audit teams in the central North Island going through a number of changes over the years.

Silks Audit has been a SwipedOn customer since 2017 and recently, we caught up with partner and director Talia to find out how they use the system to help run their office without the need for a receptionist, and the other transformations they have seen since implementing the solution.

Visitor management system for Silk Chartered Accountants

"It helped us to reassure visitors and employees that their safety was a priority for us.”

Director, Silks Audit Chartered Accountants

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Transforming the reception area

What were the challenges that Silks Audit Chartered Accounts faced prior to implementing a digital workplace sign in solution?

As we have no receptionist at our office, we were looking for a system that was intuitive and easy to use for visitors without help. We needed something that would quickly alert the host that a visitor had arrived and also keep a digital record of who has been in the building (this was especially important for contact tracing requirements).

An added bonus would be that we could use the same system to manage our employee movements.

What were your company's highest priorities when you were looking for a workplace sign in solution?

Our reception area is unmanned, so a system that was app-based, fully online, and very simple to use (for both visitors and staff) were our highest priorities. We were looking for something that any team member could access from anywhere to get the information they needed.

Why SwipedOn?

What was the biggest reason you and your team chose SwipedOn as your workplace sign in solution?

The biggest factor for us was a system that was intuitive for all employees and visitors to use.

We chose SwipedOn because it was easy to log in, adjust and customize to suit our brand.

What SwipedOn features are the most beneficial to Silks Audit?

Easy visitor sign in

Email notifications

Employee in/out

What results did you achieve by implementing SwipedOn?

Before we adopted the SwipedOn System we relied on a bell in reception to notify us that a visitor was there. Then whoever was there first would have to go and find the person the visitor was there to see. It was a very manual and time-consuming process.

Now visitors can easily sign themselves in on the iPad and wait in the reception area, the correct host is automatically notified when they arrive and as a bonus, we have a digital record of who has been in our building and when, which enables us to carry out contact tracing if needed.

Remaining operational during the pandemic

What specific SwipedOn features have helped you to operate safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Contactless visitor sign in with secure QR codes
  • SwipedOn Pocket smartphone app for contactless employee sign in
How have these features helped your company during the pandemic?

The thing we found most helpful during the early days of the pandemic was being able to offer a fully contactless method for visitors to sign in.

It helped us to reassure visitors & employees that their safety was a priority for us.

Final thoughts

What would you tell other businesses who are looking to adopt SwipedOn as their workplace sign in solution?

The user interface is great and having the option to sign in from your device or the iPad is super helpful.

Having the ability to know who is on your premises at any time, along with photo evidence of who signed in and the reporting tools to track movements have made our processes a lot smoother especially as we don’t have any reception staff.

Knowing that all the information is stored confidentially and can be anonymized is a relief too.

Thanks for that Talia, we love to catch up with our customers to hear how SwipedOn has helped them!

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