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Our Customers in Scotland

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With over 800 employees and 10 global offices, Skyscanner is recognised as a market leading travel search site offering flights, hotel, and car rental comparison. With over 60 million travelers around the world using Skyscanner to help find them the best deals for their trips, it's one of the best search sites of its kind.

Skyscanner first implemented SwipedOn three years ago in their head office in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since then, they have rolled it out to two further locations. We spoke to reception and office manager, Gonzalo to get the lowdown on how SwipedOn has helped Skyscanner reinvent their welcome.

Prior to researching visitor management systems, Skyscanner faced challenges around security and welcoming guests efficiently and professionally. With their administrative professionals constantly moving around the offices, it was important that they had a solution in place which would ensure guests were not left waiting if there was no-one to greet them in person. This led them to look for something that would ensure their visitor management processes would be welcoming for visitors in a potentially unmanned reception, along with securely storing visitor and employee data to comply with GDPR data privacy regulations.

The Priorities

For Skyscanner, the three highest priorities were simple when it came to finding a visitor management system that would fit the business’ needs: they required the ability to have a system that would communicate instantly between the visitor and employee, integrate picture capture through the iPad camera and connect to an ID badge printer.

Why SwipedOn?

When comparing with other visitor management solutions on the market, Skyscanner chose SwipedOn due to the fabulous service the team provided right from the beginning including speedy response times and readiness to hear and reply to all of their queries, along with listening to - and implementing - product feedback. The price is low and service first class. Skyscanner advised us that the app they previously used promised to have photo capture, but after a year still nothing had happened. So badge printing with the photo option really sealed the deal.

The three features of SwipedOn that are most beneficial to Skyscanner are easy visitor sign in, instant notifications and ID badge printing. Easy visitor sign-in covers legal requirements while offering a simple process for the visitor to follow. Instant notifications prove handy to notify the person receiving the visitor, so receptionists don’t physically have to go and get that person. And ID badge printing is a useful tool which helps employees recognise who is a visitor simply by seeing an ID badge on their lapel.

The Results

After implementing the SwipedOn visitor management system, Skyscanner achieved noticeable results. Administrative staff positioned at the reception desk are able to multitask easily and, while the visitor signs themselves in, they can prepare refreshments for them. With visitors now required to wear a photo ID badge (easily printed through the Brother printer which connects with the SwipedOn software) visitor safety and security is taken more seriously, and visitors on site can be easily identified. Altogether, the entire sign-in process is more professional and, because the visitor’s photo is sent instantly to the employee they are visiting, they can be recognized and approached professionally.

  • The need to securely store visitor data
  • Sometimes, reception staff need to be elsewhere in the building, so guests were left waiting
  • No procedure in place to recognize who is a visitor on the building (i.e the need for ID badge printing)

  • Improved ability for reception staff to multitask and create a welcoming experience for their guests
  • A more secure visitor management process with visitors required to wear a printed ID badge
  • A professional greeting process - SwipedOn sends the photo of the visitor to the employee they are visiting, meaning that the employee is able to instantly recognize them upon approach
Edinburgh, Scotland


400 (Edinburgh)
800 (Global)

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"We love SwipedOn so much that we rolled it out to two more offices. We were happy to introduce it to our brand new London office and existing Glasgow office. It's a great tool for our receptionists."
Reception & Office Manager, Skyscanner
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