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Solus Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining front desks all over the world.
Located in Birmingham, UK Solus is a tile distributor offering a range of beautiful and practical tiles, along with bespoke tile cutting services. As a contemporary and forward-thinking brand, they felt that a paper-based method of capturing visitor information was antiquated and didn’t reflect the way they’d like to project their brand to visitors. Not only that, but it was also time consuming for visitors to sign in and for the reception team to manage the process. We caught up with Solus' Business Systems Manager, Byron, to discover how SwipedOn has helped professionalise their front desk processes.


The Priorities

With 110 employees and numerous visitors attending the office, Solus’ highest priorities when looking for a visitor management system included the drive to find a software that would be efficient, easy to use, easy to manage and could be customised to mirror their brand, along with fulfilling other visitor management requirements.

Visitor Management Challenges

Prior to implementing SwipedOn, Solus couldn't easily keep a record of customer or visitor vehicle registration numbers so it was difficult to manage their car parking spaces. Nor did they have a way to present vital health and safety information - a critical need for their business. Additionally Solus felt the paper visitor book approach was antiquated and not a true reflection of this contemporary and forward-thinking brand.

The Results

The SwipedOn system is an easier and quicker process for visitors and customers, and portrays a more professional and streamlined image of their brand than having a paper sign in book. As we all know, first impressions count! It also has the benefit of making it easier to manage fire drills and to implement evacuation procedures. The three key features of SwipedOn that Solus find most beneficial are easy visitor sign in, evacuation mode and customisable design.

With the SwipedOn system in place, the company now know which vehicles belong to staff and which belong to visitors. The iPad set up has enabled the company to present vital health and safety information to visitors, critical for their business. And to really make the most of the software, they also use the SwipedOn service to communicate other details that might be useful or relevant to visitors.

Why SwipedOn?

For Solus, this was simple. After exploring a number of options, they felt strongly that SwipedOn was by far the easiest and most straight forward system to use. When we asked them what they would say for anyone else considering SwipedOn they said “do it! It is a great system and is far easier to use than others that we looked into.”

  • No way to present visitors with vital health and safety information
  • A paper visitor book felt antiquated and didn't match the contemporary and forward-thinking look of the brand
  • No procedure in place to keep a record of visitor vehicle registration numbers

  • Using the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) feature, the company is able to present visitors with vital health and safety information upon sign-in
  • A professional, streamlined and customised sign-in process that makes a great first impression and reflects a contemporary and forward-thinking brand
  • They can now record visitor and employee vehicle registration numbers and easily manage their car parking spaces
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Retail & Consumer Goods


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“Our existing paper-based method of capturing visitor information was quite antiquated and didn’t reflect our contemporary and forward-thinking company brand.”
Business Systems Manager, Solus
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