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St. Bede's Catholic School & Sixth Form College Case Study

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Based in the north of England, St. Bede's Catholic School & Sixth Form College has 180 employees. We caught up with their Director of IT Services, Andrew to talk all things SwipedOn and discover how, replacing the paper-based visitor book, has transformed people managing processes for this education provider in Durham.


The Priorities

Prior to researching a digital solution, St. Bede’s faced challenges around paper-based visitor books, which caused issues in regards to the GDPR requirements along with tracking in the event of an evacuation or fire drill. Along with these aforementioned key drivers, when searching for a visitor management solution, the school’s highest priorities revolved around finding a system that would provide an intuitive interface, speed up the process of visitors signing into the school and create a great first impression upon arrival.

Why SwipedOn?

Due to the excellent price point and easy visitor usability, the team at St. Bede's felt SwipedOn was the most appropriate app to fit their needs. The school has now been using the SwipedOn app for over the 3 years and have enjoyed watching the features develop. In addition, when support has been required, Andrew and the team at St. Bede's have found that SwipedOn's world class customer support team live up to their reputation. Andew commented that team SwipedOn are "always prompt to reply and either aware of the issue or able to resolve it in a timely fashion."

The Results

After implementing SwipedOn, St. Bede's achieved faster sign in, excellent first impression and the security of safely storing personal visitor information. And because they support six smaller primary schools in the area with their IT, they have now installed SwipedOn in five of those locations due to the recommendations of St. Bede's. The three key features of SwipedOn that are most beneficial to St. Bede's are easy visitor sign in, instant notifications and visitor pre-registration.

Providing a system which was simple for visitors to use was their main aim. Instant notifications have relieved the added burden of the main reception staff needing to track down other staff to say that their visitor has arrived. Because most of their staff carry an electronic device, they are easily notified anywhere in the school. Also, the ability to pre-register visitors ensures that the sign-in process is a lot quicker than a manual based system for the team at St. Bede's.

We hope you found this article helpful and it provides a good undestanding of how SwipedOn is utilised at this school and sixth form college in the UK. We've highlighted the challenges and results below for quick reference. Feel free to hit the download button on this page to save and read at your leisure.

  • A visitor management process which is compliant with GDPR requirements
  • The need for a professional and speedy sign-in process that creates a good first impression
  • An intuitive interface that is easy to use

  • Faster sign-in process for anyone arriving to the main reception
  • All visitor information is safely and securely stored and they are now GDPR compliant
  • A professional-looking sign-in method
Durham, United Kingdom



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“I would wholeheartedly recommend SwipedOn as both a product and a company. The app has constantly evolved over the three years we have been using it. When support has been required, they are always prompt to reply and generally either aware of the issue, or are able to resolve it in a timely fashion.”
Director of ICT Services, St. Bede's Catholic School & Sixth Form College
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