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El Paso, Texas


Medical Sterilization




  • Relying on manual processes
  • No way to know who was on site
  • Not meeting compliance requirements with their previous process


  • Implementing an easy-to-use system for staff and visitors
  • Can easily identify and understand who is on-site at any time
  • Can meet compliance requirements at the touch of a button

In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern workplaces, the need for efficient and secure visitor management solutions has become paramount. For STERIS, a company dedicated to ensuring safety and compliance in healthcare and life sciences, the challenge of maintaining a comprehensive and user-friendly system for tracking visitors was particularly critical.

Prior to their adoption of SwipedOn, STERIS relied on a paper-based visitor badge system, which not only presented logistical hurdles but also raised concerns about safety and security.

We caught up with Rosa Melendez, Administrative Assistant, to understand the transformation STERIS underwent after implementing SwipedOn. Read on to find out more.

"Our clients and contractors are always commenting on how quick and easy it is to sign in when they visit - what more could you want!”

Administrative Assistant, STERIS.

Safe, secure sign in for everyone

Could you tell us a little about your previous visitor management process before implementing SwipedOn?

Before we implemented SwipedOn we were relying on paper visitor badges to identify visitors across our sites. 

What were the challenges your company faced which drove the need to replace your paper visitor book with a digital solution?

One of the biggest challenges we faced with this method was safety concerns. Often visitors would not return their badges when leaving which made it very difficult to keep track of. It meant we had no way of knowing who was on site or not which was a great concern for visitor and employee safety. Another challenge was wanting to modernize our processes to keep up with the times, and implement an automated, digital solution rather than something manual.

What were your company’s highest priorities when you were looking for a visitor & employee management solution?

Our top priority was to find a solution that was user friendly both for our visitors and also the admin staff who have to implement it, and also a system that could help up account for visitors and employees so we can ensure their safety while on our premises. 

What results did your company achieve by implementing SwipedOn?

By implementing the SwipedOn sign in system we were able to easily identify and understand who was in our building at all times, whether that was staff or visitors. This is super important for us to be able to meet our compliance requirements. 

Why SwipedOn?

We know there are a number of different visitor & employee management solutions on offer - what was the biggest reason your company chose to implement SwipedOn?

As mentioned, one of the main reasons we decided to go with SwipedOn over other options was how user-friendly the software is and how easy to implement it was. 

Which SwipedOn features does Serco find most useful?
  • Auto sign in / out 
  • Visitor sign in 
  • Notifications 
  • Visitor pre-registration
  • ID badge printing 
  • Photo capture 
  • Evacuation Mode
  • Multi-location 
  • Customizable visitor fields 
  • Remember visitors 
  • Screening questions
Why are these features important for your company?

Safety is our absolute top priority and all these features help us maintain a safe environment for visitors and staff. Being able to easily keep track of everyone with one system gives us total visibility in the event of an evacuation, ID badges and photo capture helps us to quickly identify visitors, auto sign in means our employees don’t even need to think about signing in each day. 

Final thoughts

What would you tell other businesses who are considering implementing SwipedOn as their visitor & employee management solution?

We would absolutely recommend using SwipedOn, it’s great value for money, does everything we need and clients and contractors are always commenting on how quick and easy it is to sign in when they visit - what more could you want! 

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