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Timothy Taylor's Brewery Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining workplaces all over the world.

Established in 1858 and based in West Yorkshire, Timothy Taylor’s is one of Britain's most loved breweries. The family-owned business supplies its award winning ales to a host of retailers throughout the UK and currently operates 19 pubs. Numerous visitors, deliveries, and contractors pass through their brewery doors every day to conduct business. Needless to say, a paper log book wasn’t going to cut it when it came to securely handling visitor data. 

We spoke to Chief Executive, Tim Dewey, to find out how the SwipedOn sign in solution has helped streamline manual processes and achieve GDPR compliance by replacing the outdated paper visitor book.

A simple, safe & secure solution

We understand that before using SwipedOn your company used a paper log book to record the details of anyone who visited your site. What were the challenges that drove the need to replace your paper visitor book with a digital sign in solution?

The main need was to free up our full time receptionist from the low added value activity of checking in visitors to enable her to assist in more valuable activities, such as helping the marketing team.  We also wanted to improve data privacy, particularly in light of the new European GDPR regulations, as our traditional sign in book gave visitors information on who else had also been in that day. Finally, when the receptionist was at lunch or on break, the office team would be disturbed from their work to assist guests with signing in - so we wanted something to help with that.

What were the most important factors when you were looking for an alternative sign in solution?

In looking for a solution, we needed something cost effective and easy to implement that would also offer us all of the data capture necessary for our site access policies. It was also important that it had a 'signing out' aspect to it.

Why SwipedOn is the perfect fit

Let's dig a little deeper. What results did you see when you implemented SwipedOn?

Our receptionist is now titled Administrative Assistant because so much of her time can be dedicated to helping out other functions, especially marketing. We have also achieved the data privacy required by the GDPR regulations and have had many positive comments about the system (we take pride in being a personal company and one of our concerns was the touch-pad might take away from that, but people enjoy and get engaged with the relative novelty of the system, so it's become a positive).

We’re pleased to hear how SwipedOn has helped with your GDPR compliance. In saying that, we know there are a number of different workplace sign in solutions on offer - what was the biggest reason Timothy Taylor’s chose SwipedOn?

It was a highly effective, value for money solution to free up receptionist time for more value-adding activities.

What features of SwipedOn are the most beneficial to you?

Easy visitor sign-in
Email notifications
Visitor pre-registration
Visitor photo capture
Remember frequent visitors

Why are these particular features important for Timothy Taylor’s?


Easy visitor sign in is important, if the sign in process is too lengthy or complicated visitors will not utilise the system. Email notifications are essential, as staff are automatically notified when their guests have arrived on site. If we are expecting a large group of people on a certain day, visitor pre-registration saves time and helps reduce bottlenecks at reception. Visitor photo capture is also really helpful for new visitors so that we can identify the person easily in reception. Remember frequent visitors helps with efficiency, and makes frequent visitors feel valued.

It sounds like SwipedOn has been a great fit. Is there anything specific to your industry that SwipedOn has proved an essential solution for?

GDPR as well as the ability to track a variety of contractors who frequently sign in and out of our facility.

Final thoughts

Thanks for the insight Tim! What would you tell other businesses who are considering implementing a sign in system?

We looked at a number of solutions and found SwipedOn highly effective and good value for money. It was also very easy to set up and begin to use. We have also found the team at SwipedOn very responsive to queries and providing help where needed.

Easy to get started, easy to use and easy to ask for help - that’s great to hear! Do you have any other comments to add about your experience using SwipedOn in your business?

We do get many positive comments on it. I was actually introduced to SwipedOn through a local firm of architects who were using it and I just thought it was excellent and very slick. They were extremely positive about it and that is what led to me making enquiries in the first place.

  • A paper log book offered a slow and manual process lacking any data privacy considerations
  • The need for a receptionist to always be stationed at the front desk
  • Managing visitor data in line with GDPR regulation

  • A speedy and secure digital workplace sign in process for visitors and contractors
  • Improved ability for receptionist to help out with other business functions, boosting workplace efficiency
  • Data is now stored securely in the cloud system and compliant with data privacy regulations
Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK

Consumer Goods & Retail


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“We looked at a number of solutions and found SwipedOn highly effective and good value for money.”
Tim Dewey
Chief Executive, Timothy Taylor's Brewery
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