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Wenatchee School District Case Study

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Wenatchee School District optimises safety and security for over 8,500 people.

With over 1,000 employees and upwards of 7,500 students, Wenatchee School District in the USA has a lot of people to keep track of. Needless to say, a paper visitor book just doesn’t cut it when it comes to safety and security for this volume of people. Since data privacy laws across the USA are becoming stricter, it’s more important than ever for any kind of business or facility to be compliant with these new laws. Unfortunately a paper visitor book is a soft spot for sensitive information that could get into the wrong hands, which is why a cloud based visitor management system ensures you’re data privacy compliant without any hassle.

Not only for safety and security, but also as an easy way to keep track of employees, students and visitors for quality control over buildings, a simple and easy to use sign in system was exactly the tool that Wenatchee School District had been searching for. They found that SwipedOn’s simple sign in/sign out system helped alleviate the challenges they faced as a school district dealing with a lot of people - from students to employees and visiting parents. In the case of an evacuation, the SwipedOn app can be shaken into evacuation mode, and quickly roll call.

Streamlining processes with a user friendly visitor management system

Prior to implementing a visitor management system, Wenatchee School District in Washington State needed a simple sign in / sign out system for monitoring quality control for their school district of over 7,500 students.

Their highest priority when looking for a visitor management system was safety, but they also needed to address simplicity - a system that would enable them to know the status of people coming in and out of the buildings and whether they are volunteers or visitors. As a district who work on engaging their community for student learning, we could offer them an effective and user friendly system to accomplish this.

The results are real

Pricing for the product was the number one reason SwipedOn won the hearts of Wenatchee School District but also the usability and dependability of the platform means it was a solid choice that matched their needs. Surprisingly, they also found that they have benefited from connecting their staff to who is signing in and where they are going.

  • Over 1,000 employees and upwards of 7,500 students to keep track of
  • Managing data privacy in a legal and secure manner
  • Managing an emergency evacuation quickly and efficiently

  • A simple way for employees, students and visitors to sign in
  • An easy-to-use and dependable platform
  • Safely stored records of visitors along with employee and student movements
Wenatchee, WA USA



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“SwipedOn has been dependable and current. Their customer service is top rate. SwipedOn upgrades their software regularly to keep pace with our needs. We just resigned SwipedOn for another year for 16 buildings/sites.”
Mike Wilson
Wenatchee School District
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