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XPO Logistics Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining front desks all over the world.

XPO Logistics is a top ten global provider of transportation and logistics services, with a highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets. With multiple locations across the United Kingdom and Europe, XPO has 25,000 employees in the region alone. The team at XPO uses the SwipedOn workplace management solution to keep track of visitors, employees, contractors and more. We caught up with Associate Administrator Matthew, at XPO’s Northampton site in the UK, to discover how SwipedOn has proved a successful solution for modernizing the reception area, automating the visitor sign in process and helping with managing visitors and employees during the pandemic.

Transforming the reception area

What were the challenges XPO Logistics faced which drove the need to replace the paper visitor book with a digital solution?

Our reasons for moving to a digital system was part of modernizing the reception area and making the sign in process for visitors more automated.

When searching for a workplace management solution, what were the highest priorities for the business?

We wanted something that was easy to use so visitors could access without intervention.

Well, you came to the right place! SwipedOn is continually voted as easy to use by our customers. That said, what results did your company achieve by implementing SwipedOn?

After implementing the SwipedOn system, our visitor sign in process was much faster. While the receptionists were busy, visitors were still able to sign in. 

It sounds like SwipedOn hit the spot for easy visitor sign in. We aim to empower professional administrators so they can do more of what matters while ensuring visitors receive the warmest welcome imaginable. Is there anything specific to the supply chain industry which SwipedOn has proved an essential solution for?

When there are fire drills within the company, we are able to make sure that all visitors are accounted for and have been evacuated safely.

Why SwipedOn?

We know there are a number of different visitor management solutions on offer - what was the biggest reason for your company choosing SwipedOn as your solution?

The reason for choosing SwipedOn is the easy to use interface for both admins and users and the price of the product.

Which SwipedOn features are most beneficial to XPO Logistics?

Easy visitor sign in
Email notifications
ID badge printing
Visitor photo capture
Visitor agreements / NDAs
Employee in/out
Evacuation mode
Customizable design
Bulk employee upload
Employee auto sign-out at midnight

What a list! Is there any in particular that stand out or do they all play an important role in automating workplace management processes?

All of these features are important to us as they assist with the ease of use of the system. 

Operating during a pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, did SwipedOn help XPO Logistics remain operational?

Yes! We found the most helpful feature that helped us keep the office open was the introduction of contactless visitor sign in and the SwipedOn Pocket employee sign in app.

That’s so great to hear, our product team pivoted the roadmap when the pandemic hit, making contactless sign in a priority to develop for our customers. Which of these specific SwipedOn features have assisted you to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic?

How have these features helped your company during the pandemic?

We have had the ability to keep track of visitors and employees with regards to the fire safety features without having to compromise on COVID safety.

Final thoughts

What would you tell other businesses who are considering SwipedOn as their visitor management solution?

The SwipedOn solution is very clean and easy to use from both an administrator and user perspective. We have SwipedOn in 27 different sites with more sites slowly adopting it.

Thanks for the insight Matthew! It’s so great to hear how SwipedOn has helped XPO remain operational during the pandemic and that more XPO sites are slowly transforming their sign in process by implementing SwipedOn. 

Did you know, SwipedOn is fully customizable per location for multiple location businesses like XPO Logistics? Accessible from the web dashboard, you can decide on the look and feel of the iPad, how the visitor sign in flow is set up per location, whether employee sign in is enabled and more. Book a demo or start a free trial today to discover for yourself.

  • The reception area needed to be modernized
  • Paper visitor book sign in was slow and a manual process
  • Needed a hygienic way for visitors to sign in during the pandemic

  • Easy, fast, secure and automated visitor sign in
  • Ability to carry out roll calls easily and offline during emergency fire drills
  • Remained operational during the pandemic with contactless visitor & employee sign in
Northampton, UK

Transportation & Logistics


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“We found the most helpful feature that helped us keep the office open was the introduction of contactless visitor sign in and the SwipedOn Pocket employee sign in app.”
Associate Administrator, XPO Logistics
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