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Get back to business and ensure the safety of your employees with a smart and simple sign in app. Touch free sign in, visitor screening, employee questions and delivery scanning.

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no touch.


Touch free sign in
  • Enable your employees & visitors to sign in using their own mobile device
  • Secure sign in with dynamic QR code
  • No iPad required - download & print a static QR code to display at your entrance
Visitor screening
  • Screen visitors with custom yes/no questions
  • Trigger an alert notification if a high-risk person enters your facility
  • Approve or decline visitor entry
Contact tracing
  • Collect important visitor details
  • Keep accurate visitor records including date, name & time-stamping
  • Easily track additional people who enter your facility
Employee management
  • Robust employee time tracking and reporting
  • Screen your employees prior to entry
  • Synchronize multiple iPads across all your entry points

Contactless sign in app

Resume business safely and ensure the safety of your employees with a contactless sign in solution.

Our contactless sign in app provides a hygienic, touch free way to register anyone entering your workplace. Visitors can easily scan a QR code hosted on the iPad and sign in using their own mobile device. Using our dedicated smartphone app; SwipedOn Pocket, your employees can simply sign in using their smartphone - eliminating the need to sign in using a communal device.

Visitor Screening

We can help protect your staff and business from the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

Easily screen your visitor by asking them questions to determine if they are a safety risk to your business. Send alerts to your designated contact so they can take appropriate action.


Instant Notifications

You’re used to instant messaging and notifications - why should business guests and visitors be any different?

Quick, efficient and unobtrusive: It doesn’t matter if you’re in a meeting or on the phone, you’ll always know when your visitor has arrived and where they are. With visitor photos included you’ll even know who to look for. You choose whether you’re notified discreetly by email or SMS.

Evacuation management

In the event of an emergency, the safety of your people and the reputation of your organisation can be on the line.

SwipedOn’s comprehensive movement record means you know who is on site or in your building, at all times. And our cloud-based technology means you can grab and go: pick up your SwipedOn iPad and use it as a portable roll call and a real-time record-keeper if you need to get out in a hurry.


Employee in-out board

Take care of all staff movements no matter how many entry or exit points your business may have.

Screen employees before they enter the workplace with employee sign in questions. There’s no better way to streamline your employee register and improve your building’s safety and security.

Featured Case Study
Fujitsu General
The Covid19 questionnaire was a great addition. I like that SwipedOn is constantly adding features and is very easy to set up and use.
Andrew H. / Immanuel Communities
The contactless sign in is a great way to track who has visited your office, while making sure you minimize covid19 spread, and is also a great way to trace back any covid19 case that is reported.
Evangelos P. / Goodlord
The ease of setup & management, made using the system and rolling out to staff very easy.
David C. / CarFinance 247 Limited