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Maintaining a true and accurate record of all your employees takes work, especially if you're trying to do it in several different systems. The SwipedOn Active Directory sync means you can set and forget, and your employee list is automatically updated.

Complete a simple mapping process and set your update schedule, and the system will check for changes and automatically create, remove or update employee records as required. If a change is made in Active Directory, it's in SwipedOn too. Manage a single location or dozens, 50 employees or 5000 - it's never been easier to ensure your visitors see an accurate list of hosts to select from.

Automatically create new employees in SwipedOn when users are added in Active Directory
Disabled or deleted users are automatically archived in SwipedOn
Easily synchronize additional employee data such as Job Title or Department
Map all your SwipedOn locations to your different offices in Active Directory
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