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Microsoft Teams

Automatically send SwipedOn notifications for employee sign in, visitor arrivals and approvals.
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Microsoft Teams is a great way to stay connected and collaborate with your team. Integrating SwipedOn with Teams helps to make your visitor and employee sign in process even smoother.

  • Post employee in and out movements to your chosen Microsoft Teams channels.
  • Notify visitor hosts via direct message when their visitor arrives (never keep your visitors waiting while you try and locate the correct host again).
  • Notify those with approval access via direct message when a visitor requires approval.

To set up the SwipedOn integration for Microsoft Teams, head to the 'Integrations' page on the SwipedOn web dashboard and click on the 'Set Up'  button below the Teams icon.

Sign in to the Microsoft Office 365 account with which you will be integrating and accept the requested permissions. This will require admin permissions for the Office 365 account.

After accepting, you will be directed to a page providing step-by-step instructions on downloading the Microsoft Teams app and completing the setup.

Once completed, and the SwipedOn app has been uploaded to your app catalog you can start configuring notifications.

How to enable Microsoft Teams
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SwipedOn Enterprise plan
Active Microsoft Office 365 account
SwipedOn administrator permissions


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