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Or get creative with custom categories... the possibilities are endless


Manage everything from one place

Keeping track of all your workplace resources has never been easier. Manage workplace spaces and resources with pre-set categories, or get creative with the ability to set your own. 
  • Make hybrid work with a seamless desk booking experience for both employees and admin staff
  • The SwipedOn web dashboard offers complete visibility over who is where, who’s got what, and for how long
  • Set restrictions, add features, and create and update bookings on behalf of employees


Reduce overheads and let employees manage their own bookings

Free up your admin team by empowering staff to book what they need from anywhere with the help of the SwipedOn Pocket app
  • Navigate your space with interactive maps showing real-time resource availability
  • Book resources in advance, or check in on the go using QR codes
  • Boost productivity by ensuring employees have the resources they need when they need them


Get the most out of your space and your people

  • Easily manage resource allocation and plan accordingly with historical availability and usage
  • Create a fairer workplace by setting how far in advance items can be booked
  • Send check in reminders to ensure popular resources aren't sitting unused

All SwipedOn plans include resources to get you started.

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You’re in good company

“The response to SwipedOn has been better than expected. We have had other systems in the past and so far SwipedOn has been adopted by the team significantly faster thanks to its ease of use and setup”

- Ricardo V, International Cargo -

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The features you need to make space booking easy

Assign features to help staff find the specific type of resource they are looking for. Standing desk with dual monitors anyone? 
Group resources and define who can book in that zone to create better collaboration.
Notifications (3)

Ensure resources aren't sitting unused by sending check in reminders.

Interactive maps
Upload your floorplan, plot your resources, and create zones easily with interactive maps. 
QR scan
Booking on the go? No problem! Manage ad-hoc bookings with QR codes to book and see availability.
Booking settings
Create a fair workplace with the ability to set rules, like how far in advance people can book resources and the ability to easily create repeat bookings.
Employee app
Put the power in your employees’ hands with the SwipedOn Pocket app. Employees can easily book and manage their bookings on the go from their mobile device.
Understand how your workplace and its resources are being utilized and use this information to plan for the future.

See how we can help tame your workplace

What makes us different?

We work on the devices you use
SwipedOn is the only premium workplace sign in system that works on Apple and Android devices or no device at all with a QR-only option.
Around the clock local support
Have a question? With SwipedOn you'll get a reply from a real person in less than a minute, regardless of what plan you're on.
We give back
By choosing SwipedOn, you literally make the world a better place. We plant a native tree for every new customer.

Frequently asked questions

In this context, space management refers to the process of planning, organizing, and optimizing the allocation and arrangement of physical spaces within your workplace.

Effective space management creates a functional, efficient, and productive workspace that meets the needs of your employees and supports the organization's objectives. 

Space management practices can be used by a variety of people within an organization to ensure that the workspace is effectively utilized and optimized.

These people are usually Facilities Managers, HR Professionals, Department Managers, IT Managers, Design Teams, Execs and Leadership and Employees.

Using software to help with space management offers a range of benefits to help you streamline and optimize your workplace. 

The SwipedOn space management software allows you to automate the booking and tracking of space and resource allocation, utilization and occupancy. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, space management software can help organizations optimize office space for both in-office and remote employees. 

All SwipedOn plans include resources to get you started. After you use these, you can buy more more a small monthly price. Find out more about plans and pricing. 

SwipedOn space management software can't be purchased as a standalone product. It is part of the SwipedOn workplace sign in system software. 

Visitors cannot currently make bookings, only Employees and Admin staff can make bookings. 

Yes! You can try our space management software as well our visitor and employee management system as part of our 14 day free trial.

Employees need the SwipedOn Pocket App downloaded to be able to book the workplace resources you set up. Admin staff can use the SwipedOn Web Dashboard to make and edit bookings on behalf of employees.

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