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SwipedOn is a great alternative to Envoy

SwipedOn and Envoy are visitor management systems, but overall SwipedOn offers a better value for money alternative to Envoy.
While both brands have similar offerings on the surface - a secure digital sign-in solution hosted on an iPad at your welcome desk - they do have some key differences including price, feature-set, integrations and customization options. In this article, we take a closer look at how these two visitor management solutions differ from one another, to highlight those key differences and help you find the system that aligns with your business’ budget and feature needs.

Main differences between
Envoy & SwipedOn

Feature set

SwipedOn and Envoy have a similar feature set, including visitor screening, contactless sign in and contact tracing ability, which allow you to protect your workforce against potentially high risk visitors.

The main difference between the two products is that features such as contact tracing, ability to add visitor health screening questions, QR-code sign in and visitor photo ID capture are available on all SwipedOn plans. With Envoy, these features are only available on their higher-priced plans.

SwipedOn allows you to add multiple printers per location at no additional charge. Envoy charges for every additional printer in the same location.

SwipedOn also offers a contactless employee sign in solution; SwipedOn Pocket is a smartphone app for employees which allows them to sign in touch free and remotely. Evacuations are made easy with SwipedOn’s offline evacuation roll call feature.


SwipedOn starts from USD $49 per month for a Starter plan and you can try SwipedOn completely free with no obligation, for 14 days with access to all features, to see if it’s the right fit for you business needs.
Envoy starts from USD $99 per month for their Standard plan and also offers a free trial, however there are a number of features not available on this plan, such as QR-code sign in and contact tracing.
With the high-tier plans, SwipedOn includes all features with their Enterprise plan - priced at $149 per location per month. Envoy's equivalent Premium plan, is $299 per location per month, effectively double the cost.

Azure Active Directory & Active Directory Integrations

Employee directory integrations are very common in the workplace and often a core requirement for larger businesses. SwipedOn includes both integrations on their Enterprise plan, starting at USD $149 per location per month.
Envoy also offers these integrations, but only on their Premium plan and above, which starts at USD $299 per location per month.

Branding & customization

For any business, an important part of welcoming people into their world is that first touch-point should be completely on brand. It's crucial for any visitor management system to allow for customization to ensure brand consistency.
SwipedOn allows for complete customization of the iPad app branding on all plans, that start at USD $49 per month. Envoy does offer the ability to customize, however options such as creating your own full-screen slideshow and custom kiosk designs, are only available on their Premium plan, at USD $299 per month.

World-class customer support

When you need some assistance, you want to be in good hands. SwipedOn has world-class customer support, offered across multiple global time zones, with an average response time of under two minutes.
G2, a business software review site, recently announced their Spring 2021 awards winners and SwipedOn dominated the Visitor Management System category with 15 awards, including best support!


If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution offering contactless sign in, visitor screening, contact tracing and employee in/out, with all the customization options your business needs, SwipedOn will be the right fit. Try it today with a 14-day free trial. And if you subscribe, SwipedOn will plant a tree for you - a fantastic initiative which sees them doing small things to give back to local communities and the planet.

We plant a tree for every new SwipedOn customer.
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