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SwipedOn is a great alternative to Envoy


What does SwipedOn offer in a nutshell?

  • Automated, secure sign in for your visitors and employees
  • Detailed digital records of everyone who has been on your premises
  • The best value for money option on the market
  • Customizable visitor flows
  • An extensive feature set suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes 
  • Integrations with your other business tools 

You’re in good company
“Perfect move from manual visitor book to a GDPR compliant tablet system”

- Stephen E. From Erodex -

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In summary

SwipedOn and Envoy are both workplace sign in systems, but overall SwipedOn offers a much better value-for-money option for your business.

While both brands have similar offerings on the surface - a secure, digital sign in solution - there are some key differences between them, mainly the features available per subscription type.

The table at the top of the page highlights those key differences to help you find the system that best aligns with your business’ goals and budget requirements.

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