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Why people choose SwipedOn

Easier to set up and more flexible

No two workplaces are the same which is why SwipedOn gives you full control over your visitor and employee sign in and resource booking experience. You can be up and running in under five minutes.

Unbeatable value with straightforward plans and pricing.

All SwipedOn plans include visitor, employee and resource booking functionality with no minimum term contracts 

Around-the-clock customer support

In a pickle? No problem! With SwipedOn you won't be stuck for long, we have a dedicated customer service team available 24/5 with an average response time of under a minute.


  • Limited visitor management capabilities 

  • Can only manage desks and rooms 

  • High entry-level price and paid support

  • Must submit your floorplan for them to convert to an interactive map



For those who need one simple system to manage it all
  • Robust visitor management features included along with resource booking capabilities

  • Ideal for keeping track of different resources of from desks, rooms to equipment, car parks and more

  • Cost-effective pricing for all types of businesses and world-class support no matter what plan you're on

  • Easily add your own floorplans to be up and running ASAP
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Award winning

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One sign in solution for the whole workplace

  • Visitor sign in
  • Employee sign in
  • Resource booking
location / month
location / month

Customizable booking software for anything at your workplace

  • Automated, secure sign in for your visitors and employees
  • Customizable booking categories 
  • Assign features to help staff find the type of resource they are looking for 
  • Book via QR code 
  • Check in reminders 
  • Interactive maps 
  • Dedicated employee app

Sign in software that puts you in control

Total visibility, without complexity. Easily track visitors, employees and resources with a simple solution

Frequently asked questions

Yes! We offer a 14 day free trial, no credit card required. You can get started here

Absolutely, you should check out our customer case studies to see how other people use SwipedOn at their workplace. 

We have an in-depth onboarding program for new customers. You'll also have a dedicated customer success meeting with one of our team to ensure you have everything you need to roll out SwipedOn successfully at your workplace.

Over 9,000 workplaces are already working smarter with SwipedOn

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