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SwipedOn is an alternative to Sign In App

SwipedOn and Sign In App are visitor management systems, but overall SwipedOn is easier to use, as consistently voted by G2 users. Offering live customer support with worldwide coverage, and an average response time of 1 minute 22 seconds, SwipedOn is a touch free solution with both contactless visitor and employee sign in.
While both brands have similar offerings on the surface - a secure digital sign in solution hosted on a tablet at your welcome desk - they do have some key differences including ease of use, feature set and customer support offerings. In this article, we take a closer look at how these two visitor management systems differ from one another, to highlight those key differences and help you find the system that most accurately aligns with your business’ requirements.

Main differences between
Sign In App & SwipedOn

Feature set

Both systems offer contactless sign in and screening questions but SwipedOn also offers a dedicated employee sign in app for staff to sign in touch free.

SwipedOn offers a contactless employee sign in solution; SwipedOn Pocket is a smartphone app for employees which allows them to sign in touch free and remotely. The feature is also accessible as a digital employee in out board on the iPad. Evacuations are made easy with SwipedOns offline evacuation roll call feature which accounts for everyone who has signed into the premises, including all visitors and employees. With location settings, multi-location businesses are able to customize visitor agreements and branding per location.

Sign In App offers an iPad based solution only, but does not currently offer the ability for employees to sign in and out via a contactless experience.


SwipedOn is intuitive, fast and easy to use, repeatedly being voted as the easiest to use visitor management software by G2 reviewers. The initial set up and configuration is an easy process; SwipedOn will have you set up in under 10 minutes.
The speed of Sign In App is slower than SwipedOn. Set up and configuring Sign In App also requires additional admin work than SwipedOn.

Data privacy

SwipedOn offers a secure sign in system which keeps employee data private from the visitor portal. Upon sign out, visitors can easily scan their ID badge or use the QR code hosted on the iPad.
The Sign In App visitor and employee portal is shared meaning there is no privacy for employees. Similarly when signing out - the ‘sign out’ view shows a mix of employees and visitors which might not allow your business to meet employee privacy requirements.


SwipedOn offers different plans to meet the needs of different business requirements, and also offers the option to pay monthly or annually.
Sign In App only has one plan option available and users are unable to pay on a monthly basis.

Pandemic response

SwipedOn offers crucial features to help manage the risk of COVID-19 - and other contagious viruses - in the workplace including visitor and employee screening, contactless sign in, accurate time-stamping of all in/out visitor and employee movements, and an easy to use contact tracing button in the web dashboard. SwipedOn also offers the option for a static QR code which does not require the use of an iPad.
Sign In App has also reacted to the pandemic and similarly offers features to help manage the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace.

World-class Customer support

Sign In App offers support during UK working hours and lacks support articles, while SwipedOn offers 24-hour (5 days a week) technical support and online chat with global coverage, with an average response time of 1 minute 22 seconds, plus a comprehensive directory of support articles to guide customers through all set-up queries and features of the product.
G2, a business software review site, recently announced their Spring 2021 awards winners and SwipedOn dominated the Visitor Management System category with 15 awards, including best support!


If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution offering visitor screening, contact tracing at the touch of a button, contactless visitor sign in/out and employee in/out, SwipedOn will be a great fit for your business' visitor management needs.
Try it today with a 14-day free trial. And if you subscribe, SwipedOn will plant a tree for you - a fantastic initiative which sees them doing small things to give back to local communities and the planet.
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