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Arrival Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining front desks all over the world.
Arrival specializes in creating electric vehicles that elevate the everyday, empower local communities and unlock true sustainability. Based in the United Kingdom, Arrival have been a trusted user of SwipedOn since 2016, and now uses the workplace management system across five locations to manage 2,000 employees and numerous visitors daily. We caught up with Arrival’s IT Infrastructure Manager David, to find out more about how SwipedOn has transformed visitor and employee management at Arrival sites. We take a look at the early days of using SwipedOn when replacing the paper visitor book was a priority, right through to the impact of COVID-19 to understand how SwipedOn proves to be an integral part of managing the hybrid workplace model during and after a pandemic.

Transforming the reception area

Rewind to 2016, what were your priorities for replacing the paper visitor book?

We needed a fast and simple way for visitors to sign in and to notify their contact on site. It also helps us achieve fire safety compliance. We were looking for a simple solution that did not discourage visitors or employees from signing in. It needed to be easy to use with a simple interface.

What sets SwipedOn apart from other visitor management solutions?

The feature set allowed us to grow as our company grew. 

That’s great to hear. Our product team hustle on the daily to deliver features which our customers need… and none they don’t. That said, what results did your company achieve by implementing SwipedOn?

Streamlined reception areas at all of our locations, allowing visitors to sign themselves in and for their site contact to come and collect them upon arrival. Also during a fire at one of our facilities, we were able to get a count of all employees onsite very quickly and confirm no one was left in the building after the evacuation was complete.

And is there anything specific to your use case which SwipedOn has proved an essential solution for?

With many employees spread over multiple sites, we have to ensure that they can sign in at any location for fire safety compliance. Linking all our sites using location settings with SwipedOn enabled employees to sign in quickly and easily.

Making the most of SwipedOn features

Which SwipedOn features are most beneficial to Arrival?

Easy visitor sign in
Email notifications
ID badge printing
Visitor photo capture
Visitor agreements / NDAs
Employee in/out
Evacuation mode
Customizable design
Bulk employee upload
Employee auto sign-out at midnight

What a list! We’re thrilled to hear so many features are beneficial for your business. Which two have made the most impact for Arrival?

Employee roaming and easy visitor sign in as these have both played a key role in streamlining our reception areas.

Operating during a pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, did SwipedOn help your business remain operational?

Yes. We were able to customize the guest sign in options to ask additional questions such as a COVID-19 questionnaire to confirm they had no symptoms etc. This allowed us to continue inviting guests to our facilities where it was safe and legal to do so.

Which of these specific SwipedOn features have assisted you to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic?

How have these features helped your company during the pandemic?

Contactless sign-in allowed visitors to sign-in safely; minimizing high touch areas during their visit.

SwipedOn Pocket is an employee companion app which we developed as a direct response to the pandemic to help our customers manage employee attendance and carry out accurate contact tracing. Can you tell us a little more about how SwipedOn Pocket has been useful for Arrival?

Employee safety is paramount for us - we do everything we can to ensure a safe working environment for staff. SwipedOn Pocket enabled zero touch registration for staff, thus minimizing risk with frequent touch surfaces such as communal devices in the receptions.

And are your employees mostly working remotely or on site - or are you operating a hybrid workplace model?

Our staff are still encouraged to work from home, but many staff still attend all our sites.

Final thoughts

What would you tell other businesses who are considering SwipedOn as their visitor management solution and please offer an example of why?

A streamlined visitor and employee sign-in system will help send the right message to your guests; it communicates that you care about their health and safety while making it as easy as possible to sign in.

  • An easy way to encourage visitors and employees to sign in
  • The need to meet fire safety compliance
  • No easy way to notify the host of a visitor’s arrival
  • A need for contactless sign in during the pandemic

  • Visitors can now sign themselves into sites easily
  • Streamlined reception areas at all Arrival workplace locations
  • Ability to remain operational and continue to invite guests to locations during the COVID-19 pandemic
Banbury, UK



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“Employee safety is paramount for us. SwipedOn Pocket enabled zero touch registration for staff, thus minimizing risk with frequent touch surfaces such as communal devices in the receptions.”
IT Infrastructure Manager, Arrival
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