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    We're constantly making small upgrades to the SwipedOn system to keep it best in class for visitor and employee sign in. Here's a quick round-up of all the small but powerful updates we've shipped lately.

    August 2022 Updates

    Contactless settings changes:

    The settings previously found in the "contactless" settings tab in the SwipedOn web dashboard have been moved to either the Welcome Screen, Visitor, or Employee settings tabs.

    Home tab live updates:

    You may have noticed that there is no longer a "refresh" button on the Home tab in the SwipedOn web dashboard, this is because this page is now live updating 🙌 The Visitor and Employee timeline pages will also do the same very shortly.

    Hosts approvals:

    Both admins and visitor hosts can now be sent the approval email with the option to approve or deny - SwipedOn Dashboard access isn't required for hosts to approve visitors. 

    Visitor notes included on CSV export:

    Any notes entered against a visitor in the SwipedOn dashboard are now included in the CSV export.

    Delivery notifications via SwipedOn Pocket:

    Get your online orders as soon as they enter the building - SwipedOn SMS customers can now get delivery notifications sent straight to their Pocket app.

    Host notifications and visitor approvals in Slack:

    Notify visitor hosts via direct message when their visitor arrives and notify employees with approval access via direct message when a visitor requires approval.


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