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What's New in SwipedOn


We're constantly making small upgrades to the SwipedOn system to keep it best in class for visitor and employee sign in. Here's a quick round-up of all the small but powerful updates we've shipped lately.

November 2022 Updates

Dashboard pages live updates:

The Employee Timeline, Directory, Evacuation, and Remembered Visitors pages now support live updates. Movements on these pages will now update on the fly and you won't need to refresh to see them. This means that all of our timeline pages (and the home page) now support live updates.

View/download visitor and employee sign in photos: 

This is a re-introduced feature for those that missed it when our new timeline went live. You can now easily download these images, Simply click on the movement and download the image from the bottom of the window that appears on the right-hand side of your screen.

Remote employees are no longer counted in the “in” count. 

Remembered Visitor & Preregistration navigation arrows:

We've added quick navigation arrows to the Remembered Visitor and Preregistration pages for fast navigation. You'll see these in the top left-hand corner of the visit details that pop out when you click on an activity in the timeline. 

October 2022 Updates

Send email invites to preregistered visitors:

You can now send a calendar invite to visitors when you preregister them. Invitations are created from the Visitor Timeline in the SwipedOn web Dashboard. From here, you can send your guest an email invite for them to add to their calendar, pre-fill any required questions on their behalf, and edit (or cancel) the invitation after it’s been sent. Find out more here.

Employee sign in screen (iPad app):

The employee sign in screen on the iPad app has a smart new UI AND employees can now easily switch from "signed in" to "remote" from the iPad - perfect for a quick update as you walk out the door to work from home for the afternoon. 

Static QR code design:

The new  QR code file has a border, helper text, and SwipedOn logo.  Eventually, customers will be able to use their own logo here, watch this space 👀

Welcome screen updates (iPad app): 

The "Employee" button has moved from the top right corner of the welcome screen to a more prominent position along the bottom of the screen with the sign out button. This can now also be customized in the Welcome Screen settings page in the SwipedOn web dashboard. 

Timeline pages navigation arrows:

We've introduced quick navigation arrows in the Visitor, Employee, and Home timeline pages for fast navigation through visitor and employee activity. You'll see these in the top left-hand corner of the visit details that pop out when you click on an activity in the timeline. 

September 2022 Updates

Display sign out status in Employee Directory:

Pre-set and custom sign out messages are now also shown in the Employee Directory. To view, simply hit the gear icon and select "sign out message" to add it to the table.

Visitor timeline live updates:

New visits are now automatically updated in the Visitor Timeline without the need to manually refresh. 

ISO + SOC 2 Certification:

SwipedOn is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified. What does that mean? SwipedOn does more than provide you a workplace sign in system, it gives you peace of mind. You can trust SwipedOn to deal with your data in a way that follows international compliance protocols and protects data from unauthorized access and theft.

Traditional & Simplified Chinese translations:

The latest SwipedOn app updates include adding Traditional & Simplified Chinese to the list of supported app languages 🇨🇳 Find out more about language options here.

August 2022 Updates

Contactless settings changes:

The settings previously found in the "contactless" settings tab in the SwipedOn web dashboard have been moved to either the Welcome Screen, Visitor, or Employee settings tabs.

Home tab live updates:

You may have noticed that there is no longer a "refresh" button on the Home tab in the SwipedOn web dashboard, this is because this page is now live updating 🙌 The Visitor and Employee timeline pages will also do the same very shortly.

Hosts approvals:

Both admins and visitor hosts can now be sent the approval email with the option to approve or deny - SwipedOn Dashboard access isn't required for hosts to approve visitors. 

Visitor notes included on CSV export:

Any notes entered against a visitor in the SwipedOn dashboard are now included in the CSV export.

Delivery notifications via SwipedOn Pocket:

Get your online orders as soon as they enter the building - SwipedOn SMS customers can now get delivery notifications sent straight to their Pocket app.

Host notifications and visitor approvals in Slack:

Notify visitor hosts via direct message when their visitor arrives and notify employees with approval access via direct message when a visitor requires approval.


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