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Fujitsu General Case Study

See how SwipedOn is transforming and streamlining front desks all over the world.
Fujitsu General is a globally recognised brand which produces and sells commercial and residential air conditioning units. With 160 employees and a stream of visitors and contractors coming and going, Fujitsu General's facility in Sydney, Australia required an easy-to-use attendance register for the office that could be used by both employees and visitors alike. We spoke to their People and Culture Advisor Darrin, to get the lowdown on how SwipedOn has transformed Fujitsu General’s front desk operation.


Visitor & Employee Management Challenges

Prior to implementing SwipedOn, Fujitsu faced challenges around accurately recording the attendance of visitors and employees in their offices. When looking for a visitor management solution their highest priorities were ease of use, easy backend interface and reporting and the ability to print ID visitor badges / stickers.

The Results

Having rolled out SwipedOn in 5 locations, on 7 devices, Fujitsu now have the ability to see who is on site in any state at any given time. And with easy reporting, they are able to quickly produce a site report for emergency evacuation drills. The three main features that the business find most useful are the digital employee in/out board, simple and easy visitor sign in and ID badge printing for visitors which includes a photograph of the visitor captured by the iPad camera. With these features, the Fujitsu team are now able to see how many people are on each site at any given time.

Why SwipedOn?

With straightforward set up and easy to use features for admins, employees and visitors alike, SwipedOn met the requirements of Fujitsu General and, with a low cost, comparatively to other systems on the market, it was the perfect fit. The task of managing the attendance of visitors and employees, as well as running emergency evacuation drills was instantly simplified. When we asked People and Culture Advisor Darrin if he has any recommendations to anyone else looking to purchase SwipedOn or a visitor management solution he said “if you are looking for an all-inclusive easy application, then look no further! SwipedOn was possibly the easiest new program implementation we have ever done. There was no training required as the interface is so straight forward for team members to grasp.”


If you'd like a multiple location plan to give you a complete view over your organisation, you can now add up to 5 locations via our enterprise plan. The movements of employees and visitors are all recorded and synced where applicable across all locations. If you'd like to learn more, click the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen or head over to our pricing page.

  • Unable to accurately record the attendance of visitors and employees in multiple offices
  • No way of easily and efficiently printing ID badges for visitors
  • The need for a quick way to account for employees and visitors during an emergency evacuation

  • The ability to record the attendance of visitors and employees
  • A secure and safe tool to use for evacuation drills which accounts for both visitors and employees
  • The ability to print ID visitor badges means the team can easily identify visitors on site
  • Automated emails to 'person visiting' to advise visitor has arrived
Sydney, Australia

Retail & Consumer Goods


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"We know at any given time who is on site in any state. With easy reporting we can easily produce a site report for emergency evacuation drills."
People & Culture Advisor, Fujitsu General Australia
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