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swipedon digital in out board

Why a digital "in out board" is the right solution.

The reception area can often be one of the busiest places in your business, especially when all your staff are zooming through, on their way in or out of the building. It’s difficult keeping track of all those movements and ensuring anyone who comes into the building is meant to be there. The receptionist, or office manager, can be quickly overwhelmed with the number of employee check-ins or check-outs that need to be recorded, possibly resulting in incorrect staff movement reports. Equally as important, is the unmanned back door that most of the staff use, which poses a potential weak spot in your site security. You want to keep your business secure and employees safe, but you don’t want to introduce a system that’s going to slow people down or force them into one entry/exit point.

SwipedOn is your answer. Our all-encompassing solution is the ultimate digital employee "in out board", that takes care of all staff movements no matter how many entry or exit points your business may have. It only takes a few seconds – your staff simply swipe their name right to sign in, or left to sign out. For added security, you can even set it to snap a photo of the person as they do it. The administrator gets complete oversight of all employee movements and can easily export daily, weekly or monthly reports. The added bonus is that SwipedOn doubles as a modern visitor management system as well. There’s no better way to streamline your employee movement process and improve your building’s safety and security. See our FAQs page for more information: here.

SwipedOn: Employee In Out Board

Record employee movements with a digital in out board and so much more...

Get accurate visibility
SwipedOn provides you with an accurate picture of who is at work or in the building, with a real-time employee dashboard and ability to view historical reports.
Keep your team safe and secure
In addition to knowing employee in/out status, SwipedOn is also an advanced visitor management system. Great for workplace security and site safety.
Gain business efficiency
Increase efficiency at your front desk by going paperless and streamlining the visitor registration process through automation. SwipedOn is seamless, intuitive and easy to use.

Allow employees to easily set customised out messages.


Allow visitors to see if their hosts (employees) are present.

host absent 2-1

From the SwipedOn dashboard, you can choose to capture employee photos as they sign in, providing that extra level of staff identification.

Custom status
Just popping out for lunch or heading over to another work site location? Give your employees the ability to show a custom status as they head out the door.

In an emergency event, knowing exactly who is on site is critical. SwipedOn maintains a complete list, allowing you to easily conduct roll calls.

SwipedOn gives you oversight of your entire organisation, using cloud technology to sync multiple devices and multiple locations.

Clock in, clock out
Whether it's for compliance requirements or simple time-tracking, SwipedOn gives you the ability to view and export all you employee movements.

Auto sign-out
If it's not necessary to have your staff sign out every time they leave, you can choose to have SwipedOn automatically sign out everybody at midnight each day.

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SwipedOn: Digital employee in-out board

“Here at Skyscanner, we are constantly on the go and it's not always possible to be at reception. We didn't want our guests to be waiting so looked for a visitor management solution. With SwipedOn, the reception is efficiently is improved as while guests are registering we are able to prepare some refreshment for them. Security has been boosted with visitors using the printed badges and the wow-effect is great – visitors are impressed and they love the system.”

– Gonzalo Silva, Office Manager / Skyscanner


SwipedOn supports more than 50,000 employee movements per working day, in over 65 countries around the world.





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