Staff sign in app
SwipedOn Pocket is our contactless employee sign in sign out app that helps you facilitate a risk-free workplace.

Employees simply swipe to sign in using their smartphone, with the ability to answer employee screening questions, roam between locations, set custom status messages and return times on sign out.

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Why use an electronic in out board

Get accurate visibility

SwipedOn provides you with an accurate picture of who is at work, in the building, or working remotely with a real-time employee dashboard and ability to view historical reports.

Keep your team safe and secure

In addition to knowing employee in out status, SwipedOn is also an advanced visitor management system. Great for workplace security and site safety.

Increase business efficiency

Automate time tracking and simplify employee and visitor sign in to reduce administrative tasks. Freeing up resource to focus on essential business activities.
SwipedOn gives you oversight of your entire organization, using cloud technology to sync multiple devices and multiple locations; easily integrate your Active Directory to import and sync staff.
In an emergency event, knowing exactly who is on site is critical. When you use the employee in out board feature, SwipedOn maintains a complete list of staff and visitors, allowing you to easily conduct roll calls.
Clock in, clock out
Whether it's for compliance requirements or simple time-tracking, SwipedOn gives you the ability to view and export all your employee movements via an easy to use digital in out board.
From the SwipedOn dashboard, you can choose to capture employee photos as they sign in via the digital in out board, providing that extra level of staff identification for security purposes.
Employee wellness checks
Easily screen your employees by asking them questions to determine if they are a safety risk to your business. You can then take appropriate action according to your company policy.
Custom status
Just popping out for lunch or heading over to another work site location? Give your employees the ability to show a custom status as they head out the door.
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