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Hospice West Auckland Case Study

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With 75 employees and a multitude of visitors entering the premises daily, Hospice West Auckland has been using SwipedOn for two years. The driving force behind implementing a digital sign in solution was to replace the paper visitor book for health and safety and data privacy purposes. The organization was in search of a solution that would keep track of both visitors and employees, and most recently has found the ability to screen both prior to entering the premises enables them to meet COVID-19 compliance best practices. SwipedOn ticked all the boxes - and continues to - as the organization remains operational through the pandemic. We caught up with the team at Hospice West Auckland to discover how SwipedOn has helped transform the sign in process for this organization.

Prior to using SwipedOn the organization was using a paper logbook for visitors to sign in. The main challenge they faced was knowing who was in the building for health and safety purposes - including for contact tracing should the need arise - and an easy way to contact staff when visitors arrive. The paper visitor book just didn’t suffice for these requirements.

When searching for a digital solution, their highest priority was that the system would be easy to use for both visitors and staff. Being in the healthcare sector, the staff would need to be able to sign in easily so they can get to work swiftly taking care of patients. And creating a stress-free process for young and old visitors alike meant the system would need to be straightforward to use.

Why SwipedOn?

The main reason for the team at Hospice West Auckland to choose SwipedOn was that the system proved easy to use when they took the 14-day free trial. They noted that the “quick and very friendly responses from SwipedOn technical support team were impressive.” SwipedOn offers world-class customer support with an average response time of 1 minute 22 seconds.

The three key features most beneficial for this healthcare organization are:

1) Easy visitor sign in - both tech savvy and non-tech savvy visitors are able to use the system with ease to sign in - and out of - the premises.

2) SMS notifications - staff are immediately notified via SMS text message when a visitor has arrived. This cuts out any delays and staff can be attentive to visitors immediately.

3) Employee in out - the SwipedOn Pocket app is a companion app built specifically for employees to offer a touch free sign in solution. Both visitors and staff are accounted for in one central system and employees can also be screened via yes/no questions every time they enter the premises.

Remaining operational during the pandemic

As a healthcare facility, it simply wasn’t possible for Hospice West Auckland to shut its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. With SwipedOn, they were able to protect the gateway to the premises and have found contactless sign in, visitor screening, visitor approval alerts and SwipedOn Pocket invaluable for safely remaining operational during and after the pandemic.

  • A paper sign in book offered a slow and manual process lacking any data privacy considerations
  • It was not easy to know exactly who was in the building at all times using the paper book
  • Knowing when a visitor had arrived was not obvious to staff who were elsewhere

  • Staff are able to be attentive to visitors immediately thanks to instant notifications
  • Staff are able to sign in efficiently and therefore attend to their patients
  • All visitors and staff are accounted for in the facility - should the need to contact trace arise, the health and safety team have a comprehensive record of who was in the building and when
  • The facility can prevent high-risk individuals from entering the premises thanks to contactless sign in and screening questions
Auckland, New Zealand



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“We replaced a manual written visitor book with Swipedon. It offers easy and straightforward sign in and out.”
Business and Operations Manager
Hospice West Auckland
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