Visitor screening for COVID-19

Learn how the SwipedOn visitor management system can be used as a visitor screening and contact tracing tool in your workplace.
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COVID-19 Coronavirus is a powerful virus which has affected travel, events and financial markets across the world. Declared as an international concern by the World Health Organization, it’s a serious matter and must be considered in your workplace health and safety plan to protect your business and employees. When a visitor enters your workplace, they could unknowingly be bringing this highly contagious virus into the building. So there’s a few questions you’ll want to ask first.

The SwipedOn visitor management system has a screening feature which can help during a medical crisis such as COVID-19 Coronavirus; from avoiding unnecessary contact with staff and allowing self-serve sign-in for visitors to providing the option of asking visitors about their recent travel or current state of health. So you and your staff can be alerted if a high-risk person might be entering your workplace and plan for that accordingly.

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If a high-risk visitor enters your building, what can you do?

Visitor screening
Easily screen your visitor by asking them a yes/no question to determine if they are a safety risk to your business.
Contact tracing made easy with accurate visitor records including date, name and time-stamping.
Receive instant alerts
The SwipedOn app sends an alert to your designated contact. You’ll then need to take action as per company protocol.
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We've created a handy resource to help you at your front desk.

Two versions are available; one to add to your digital agreement for visitors to view as they sign in and another you can print out and put on the wall. You can download both of these PDFs immediately, for free via the links below.

We’ve also increased the allowance for the number of PDF pages you can add to your digital agreement, from 5 to 10. This is intended to accommodate additional pages to your agreements that will cover COVID-19 Coronavirus policy in your workplace.

Learn how to add the COVID-19 symptoms guide to your visitor agreement

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