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approve or deny visitors

to your workplace

The SwipedOn workplace sign in system has the functionality to let admin staff approve or deny visitors based on their answers to required questions.

This helps to avoid unnecessary contact with staff and provides the option to ask visitors about their recent travel or current state of health. 

Approval settings can be configured so that only admin staff have approval access or visitor hosts can approve visitors. 

Customize your welcome to ensure health and safety compliance
Screening questions

Screen all visitors

, staff, and other visitor types with questions to help determine if they are safe to enter the building.
Instant notifications
The SwipedOn visitor management system sends an alert to your designated contact if a visitor triggers an approval, so you can take action as per your company protocol.
Approve or deny entry
Reject or approve visitors for entry, based on the information provided during sign in.
Photos and badges
Take photos and print custom ID-badges for on site authorization and visitor identification.
Provide contactless sign in
QR codes speed up the sign in process and minimize the risk of cross-contamination, helping ensure your workforce and facilities are protected.
Run contact tracing reports
Contact trace at the touch of a button with accurate, digital visitor logs containing all the information you need.
You’re in good company
Administration is easy and guests use it without issue. During COVID the speed at which SwipedOn made useful changes was great. We were able to make changes that helped us flag risks.

- G2 customer review-

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